New Trier West High School Class of 1968

Life Since High School

Welcome to the Life Since High School section, where you can catch up on what has been happening to your long-lost friends since 1968.

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The pages below are listed in alphabetical order by name at graduation.

Class Members' Pages

Mark Braun
Michael Burg
New 06-04-08 Arne Disch New 06-04-08
Tony Domenick
Lois Feil Hooker
New 06-20-08 Jo Ann (Jody) Fisher Wichmann New 06-20-08
New 07-16-08 Susan Freedman Grammer New 07-16-08
Bill Goldman
Pam Hertel Mers
Ronald K. Jost
Della Leavitt
Jeff Lewis
Bob Luedeka
Byron MacDonald
Mark Nudelman
Steve Permut
New 06-04-08 Marcia Purse New 06-04-08
New 06-04-08 JoAnn Revak New 06-04-08
Terry Shimanek Hoffman
Jeff Siegel
Jeff Singer
Mike Sluss
Bruce Sweet
Jeff Singer
Alyne Urkov Polikoff
New 06-19-08 Richard Waite New 06-19-08
Rob Weinstein
New 06-04-08 Gary Wolfson New 06-04-08
Les Yesnick

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