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From the Reunion Committee:

Thanks to Lee Ecker for taking photos at the reunion! The pictures are now available for purchase at ridiculously low prices.

For information about photo ordering, go to:

You can use the links Lee provided at the bottom of this page or go straight to:

The login for the individual photos is:
Password: 2008

And for the group photo:

Password: 2008

Other News 9/30/08:
  1. If you haven't sent in a registration form and still want to be in the memory book, you can still do it. The memory book is going to be delayed for awhile. See the link below under 7/31/08.

  2. All online biographies received before 9/20/08 will eventually be posted free of charge. You can still have an online biography at a cost of $36. See Setting Up Your Life Since High School for information.
From the Reunion Committee:


Please download the Registration Form, fill it out and send it to the address given. Send with a check if you are attending, but send it in even if you are not attending so we can include your details in the memory book we will be compiling when time permits.

Questions? Email Marcia

By the way, regarding dress - we went with casual/Western, but feel free to dress up if you want!

From the Webmaster:

The Class Directory and Lost List are updated at last!

From the Reunion Committee:

As noted on other pages, security has been removed from this entire website. This means:

  • Email addresses on the Class Directory are no longer clickable. This is to protect our class members from "harvesters" that grab addresses and use them for spam. Email Marcia if you want your email addressed removed from the list. Your name can still be listed - let me know how to proceed.

  • Biographies are now viewable by anyone. If you want your biography to be limited to class members only, email Marcia.

3/5/08: Our reunion will be held on September 20th. New Trier East is having their reunion on the same date. We are not sure yet whether there'll be a joint event, perhaps on the evening of the 19th, for those whose grade schools were split between West and East.

Location and cost haven't been determined yet, but the theme will be casual/Western, so you don't have to bring your best clothes this time - unless you want to! (You don't have to bring your cowboy boots, either - that's up to you.)

More news as it happens.

As you've probably figured out, the news is that we are talking about holding a 40-year reunion in 2008. We don't know where, and all we know about when is that it will be somewhere between the end of August and the end of November. Tony is going to check the 2008 New Trier football calendar for home dates, as we hope the class can attend a game on Friday night.

The other news is that a mailing list has been set up for the class. It's a listserv, meaning that everyone on the list gets all replies to the list. If you want to contact Tony or me off-list, our email addresses are:

I didn't mean to set up a listserv, but it was the only option available to me. If you want to receive messages in a daily digest instead of individually or change your registered email address, go to the NewTrier Info Page and follow the instructions at the bottom. You received a password in the original email that was sent with your subscription. Also, please fill in your name.

To do the mass subscription, I used the list of emails from the old website. So far, 71 of those email addresses have come up as invalid, and of course, there are a lot of people we never did find last time. If you know someone who is not subscribed to the list (also see the Lost List), please have the person email me to be subscribed or go to the same NewTrier Info Page to subscribe. New subscriptions are moderated to keep list members limited to people in our class.

Remember: emails to the listerv (email address will be received by everyone who is subscribed. Emails to the Reunion Committee should be addressed to

Finally, please be aware that the links at the bottom of most of the "Life Since High School" pages are incorrect. Please use your browser's back button to return to the list of biographies. I'm working on these, but didn't want to hold back the rest of the site until they are done.

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