New Trier West High School Class of 1968

2000 Reunion

The 2000 reunion was a huge success!

Below are just a couple of pictures from the reunion to whet your appetite.

If you still have reunion pictures you would like to share, please send them to me.

You can click on the picture of the entire group below to see a larger version - which is a large file in both size and dimensions, so you may need to scroll both horizontally and vertically to see it and wait awhile for it to load.

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I've also broken the group picture into three pieces, below the full shot - click on those thumbnails to see larger images. Finally, I scanned in the one school group shot I have - the one from Sunset Ridge's six-pack of graduates. Again, click the thumbnail at the bottom of this page to see a larger shot.

The full group picture

Left side of group  Center of group  Right side of group

(My apologies to everyone who got cut in half in one frame or another -
you're also completely in another picture.)

The Sunset Ridge Group

Sunset Ridge graduates were NOT out in force,
but we who were there had a great time.
(I do not have any other school group pictures -
send them and I will add them!)

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