New Trier West High School Class of 1968

Life Since High School

Setting Up Your "Life Since High School" Page

Every graduate of our class can have space here at this website to tell the rest of the class what he or she has been doing since 1968. Here you can re-introduce yourself to your high school classmates. Even if you were able to attend the June 2000 or the September 2008 reunion, in a single weekend it was impossible for all your old friends to catch up on your life and doings since graduation. Many classmates were unable to attend and would really like to know about you. (Maybe you yourself couldn't make the reunion - if so, we really want to see you in this section!) You may say as much or as little as you like. Write a long biography or a brief synopsis. Show off pictures of yourself, your family, your pets, your achievements.

Posting of biographies is delayed because I am getting ready to move.

All biographies received before 9/20/08 will be posted (eventually) free of charge. If you want to have a biography posted now, the cost is just $36.

Security has been removed on these pages due to multiple requests from members of the New Trier East Class of 1968 and members of classes from New Trier West who were in school at the same time we were.

To get your personal "Life Since High School" page published:
  1. Decide what you want to say.
  2. Choose pictures you want on the page.
  3. Send everything to the webmaster:

    Snail Mail:

    Marcia Purse
    Echo's WebMagic, Ltd.
    PO Box 8181
    Northfield, IL 60093-8181
(Be sure to mark envelopes with photos "Photographs: Do Not Bend")

Step 1:

Write your text. If you have looked at the Life Since High School pages, you can see that it really is entirely up to you how much you choose to say on your own page.

Step 2:

Choose your pictures. Pretty much any photograph can be used. Obviously, the clearer the original, the better the result. Digital photos welcome. Your 1968 yearbook picture will also appear.

Be sure to let me know information about each photo such as dates, places, who's in them, special captions, etc.

Step 3:

If you want snail mailed photos returned to you before the reunion, we have to ask that you enclose a self-addressed envelope and return postage. This website is supported entirely by donations, and this is one way we are keeping costs down. Otherwise, pictures will be kept with all proper TLC and will be ready to be picked up at the reunion - if we have one. No reunion? You'll be asked later to send return postage.

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