Life Since High School

Alyne Urkov Polikoff

Alyne in 1968My name in high school was Alyne Urkov. Since 1976 my name has been Alyne Polikoff. I have been a widow since 1992.

Alyne and Steve in 1996I have also had the most compatible boyfriend since 1992. We are best friends and very close with one another. His name is Steve Denemark, and he teaches 4th grade. We spend all of our weekends, holidays and vacations together. Steve has never been married and is close to my children. Every Friday he brings me flowers, and on Sundays I get a love note. He remembers every occasion.

Alyne's son Richard in 1997I have two sons who are both a lot of fun. My older son, Richard, is 19 years old, six-foot-five, and a sophomore at Albion College, where he is in a fraternity. He has a wonderful sense of humor and is a good student, on a partial academic scholarship. He has his own radio show at school. Richard is solid as a rock. He took on the role of male household head, which is why I am happy that he is having fun at school.

Alyne's son Morgan in 1998My younger son, Morgan, is 13 years old and a high school freshman. A classic overachiever, he is in all honors classes and on the Student Senate, Model UN, and Scholastic Bowl. Morgan also loves to bowl and golf.

Every day I thank God for my wonderful children, my devoted boyfriend, my lovely home and my interesting job. I was not this appreciative growing up on the North Shore! I have learned to be happy for the good things and let go of the bad.


I have lived in Hinsdale for fourteen years and love it here. The people are very kind, and the school system is excellent. I love my house, which is comfortable and surrounded by many trees. I am proud that it is mine, because I am single and supporting myself and my children.

I am a lawyer working for St. Paul Trust Company as a Vice President in charge of Trust Administration. St. Paul bought Beverly this summer. I have been with this company for 13 years. My job has been very practical, because it has taught me about investments and estate planning. Without this job, my financial picture would be a lot different! My rise to this job level has been slow, but I have worked hard to get to this point. However, family time has always come first. Luckily, the Trust Company is a family-friendly organization. I enjoy my team of co-workers and feel pride in the Trust Company's investment services.


I don't want to make this sound like I am perpetually delirious. I was married for 15 years, and these were not all happy times. My husband, a lawyer, got indicted, lost his license, and then went into one losing venture after another. This was painful for me, but I was determined to tough it out for my children. I just worked around him. When he became sick with brain cancer, I had battles with his family after he decided to give up chemo. My in-laws even sued me. When my husband died, I felt sunshine streaming in my windows. A huge burden was lifted from my shoulders.

I believe that everything in life happens for a reason. I needed to experience the past to appreciate the present. I am grateful every day for my life. I compare myself to no one. I needed to readjust my values, and I did.

I enjoy the simple things in life: walking, reading, spending time with friends.

I am very lucky.

Alyne Polikoff