Life Since High School

Ronald K. Jost

Post graduation from New Trier West, employed by the U.S. Post Office (Glencoe, IL), and Sears Roebuck and Co. (Highland Park, IL). Joined U.S. Navy, 1970.

Retired from United States Navy after 21+ years (late '91). Out of the 21+ years, only had three assignments within the continental United States: - Pensacola, Florida ('70-71), - Suitland, Maryland/Washington, D.C. ('78-'80), - Colorado, Springs, Colorado ('87-'90). One assignment in Hawaii ('85-'87). Remainder of assignments include: Northeastern (West) Germany, Scotland, Diego Garcia - British Indian Ocean Territory (two assignments, '80-'81 and '90-'91), Spain, Italy, Berlin, and various temporary assignments worldwide. Assignments centered around duties associated with the National Security Agency (NSA) - Naval Security Group (NSG), Naval Fleet Operational Intelligence Center (NFOIO), Naval Ocean Surveillance Intelligence Center (NOSIC), Cryptologic Support Groups (CSG's), National Command, Control and Communications Intelligence (C3I) All-source Intelligence Centers. Since retirement, self-employed in general contracting, design and construction, remodeling, home improvement, and landscaping arenas.

Married on 02 December, 1989, to Martha ("Marty") A. Jost (nee Cayton, of Bryan, Ohio), graduated from Bowling Green State University, Ohio. Marty is employed by the Department of Defense as a Graphic Illustrator for the Combined Intelligence Center (CIC), U.S. Space Command, Peterson Air Force Base, Colorado Springs, CO.

Our Daughter, Kirin E. Holloran (born in Japan, 1973), graduated Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado, BSW (Social Work), currently resides in the Colorado Springs area.