Life Since High School

Mark Nudelman

Mark in 1968Over there at the right is Mark in high school. He's a little trimmer now - well, a lot trimmer.

Mark in March 1999Yes, there he is, your webmaster took this picture herself. He looks kind of tired in this picture, but then, he works nights as head of security for Propaganda Films, and he got up especially early just so he and I could connect on my recent trip to California.

Mark was a sweetie in high school and he still is.Mark poses Our schedules were such that we didn't get to spend a lot of time together, which was a shame, but we went to brunch and talked and talked and went on talking until Mark was almost certainly going to be late for work.

Mark and Marcia are happy to see each other after 31 years! 





So until he sends me something more for his Life Since High School page, I figured I would provide this. Mark - it was wonderful to see you again!