Life Since High School

Steve Permut

Steve in 1968After High School, I attended the University of Illinois. While I participated in anti-Vietnam War protests and went to the Washington Moratorium, I did manage to pick up a Bachelor's degree in philosophy and a second Bachelor's degree in physics. I directly went to law school (Hello, Jeff Perlman) at DePaul University. During one summer, I attended law school classes at the Hebrew Faculty of Law in Jerusalem. (The classes were in English!)

I met a Michigan girl, Linda, and we quickly got married and moved to Grand Rapids, Michigan (remember President Gerald Ford?), where we lived for three years. I worked at a small patent law firm where I learned to work and write patents on inventions. Ford Motor Company then gave me a call, and I worked as an in-house patent attorney for Ford in the Detroit area. My love of cars carried me at Ford for 5 years; then I went to another industrial company, Masco Corporation.

Left to Right: Wife Linda, son Ben, son David, daughter Elisa, and Mr. Alumnus himself, SteveDuring this time, Linda and I had three adorable children, Ben (1976) and Elisa (1979) and David (1985). In 1990 I had my midlife concerns (not quite a crisis) and quit my job, went back into private practice, and bought a Fiat Spider. During the next 8 years, I have built a successful practice in an Intellectual Property Law Firm in the Detroit area and have seen my kids continue to grow up. My two oldest now attend the University of Michigan on my tab and my youngest just became a Bar Mitzvah.

My wife and I now enjoy travel to Chicago as well as farther away locations such as Yellowstone, the Tetons, London, Toronto, and Quebec, all in the past two years. I hope to continue to add to this web page in the future as we all continue to enter new phases of life and can now maintain contact via this wonderful technology.

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