Life Since High School

Jeff Lewis

Jeff in 1968Greetings from Jeff Lewis:

Who else but the NTW Class of 1968 would postpone its 30th reunion for a chance to celebrate the millennium and classmates' fiftieth birthdays? Still working on shattering self-concepts (taunt me - not a bit). Thanks to Marcia for this opportunity to share, re-acquaint and get ready for the year 2000 gala.

Jeff more recently...It doesn't seem like 30-plus years since a band of us decorated the first class gift on the night before our last day of school. We always (or most of the time) underestimated the wisdom of the administrators, and, of course, the sculpture was cleaned up long before the early morning dedication. Think I used many of our schemes to help me with the job puzzles in my life. Anyway, we've seen Vietnam, disco (a couple times), the Bears' glory, decades of the Cubs' ineptitude, and 8-track tapes fly by us. The public has not been discriminatory either as it's blitzed Republicans and Democrats - Watergate and Lewinskygate. I've even seen the Doobies twice since their farewell tour in 1983! A lot has happened since we walked the stage in June of 1968.

Whitney, Jessica, Jeff and JanettaIn my life, Janetta (Stone) and I have been married 26 years. She'll fill in her picture, but Janetta's been horsing around "big time" for the past six years or so. We've been very blessed with great daughters, fantastic health, and the many comforts of Western Ohio. Our oldest, Jessica, graduated from Indiana University last May and works in Northbrook for Anderson Consulting. She lives in Wrigleyville with many of her DG pals from IU and certainly appreciates the social opportunities of Chicago. Whitney is a sophomore at Ohio University and, like her mom, is studying art. Both are neat people, and it's been great to watch them grow.

Jeff and younger daughter WhitneyAfter NTW, I spent four years at the University of Michigan and graduated in 1972. I've stayed in the classroom really ever since with degrees from Indiana University, Wright State, and a doctorate of education from Miami University. Since the last degree, I've been supplementing my life as a school superintendent with teaching assignments at Wright State and the University of Dayton. I have more respect than ever for the school officials who matched wits with the likes of Bear, Nate, Nudels and company!

With the exception of my sister Cindy, who has lived near Denver since the mid-70s, all of our family is still in the North Shore area. Jim Sincell stays in touch (e-mail is fantastic), and Punkin calls anytime he thinks Northwestern has a chance against Michigan. Obviously, that's not very often.

Enough. To fellow classmates, enjoy the next year and a half, keep in touch, and we'll see you in 2000!

Whitney, Jeff, Janetta and Jessica