Welcome to Echo's Home

Welcome to my home, my friends.

Note - November 2007: These pages were put up in 1997. Nothing more will be added to them, but I leave them on the Internet as testimony to what was lost when Prodigy made the decision to close down its original network, which became known as Prodigy Classic.

If not for these stories - if not for the people on Prodigy who taught me to roleplay - and if not for the 1 MB of Internet space given to customers by Prodigy Classic for their personal web pages - I would not today be designing web pages for a living. So I bade Prodigy farewell with great sadness - for the roleplaying did not continue into Prodigy Internet. Too many people went elsewhere for their internet service after Prodigy Classic closed down.

Here in the foyer, I greet you as you enter and show you into the Living Room, where you can get to know me and Marieke.

Just past the Living Room is the Library. RP archives reside here, and also the Reading Room, where I share with you some of my favorite short quotations as well as brief compositions of my own.

At the far end of the Living Room is the door to the Music Room, where wavs of Marieke (and occasionally me) singing can be downloaded.

Through the Music Room is the door to the Artists' Studio. Here I have credited and linked to many of the sites where I found free graphics to use in creating these pages (which were all made before I began designing web pages professionally). I've done my best to keep this page current, but after 10+ years, a lot of the websites are gone now.

If you turn left immediately inside the front door, and go down the hallway a short distance, there is Marieke's room, and beyond it, Marie's Boudoir, where insights into her personality can be found. If you are interested in Marie's ongoing story, additional links can be followed from the Boudoir.

The hallway turns right after Marie's doorway, and at the end of the hall, opposite the kitchen, is My Room. Current developments in my own story will be found here.

In an out-of-the-way corner of the yard is the compost pile, where I throw my garbage.

You will need to go out the back door and into the mysterious dark to find a gateway leading to Daloki...

Finally, there is a map on the wall of the living room that is the more prosaic Site Contents page.

Aelu the healing snakeLove, Echo and Aelu

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