The Artists' Studio

I have downloaded graphics from all the sites listed. I have not yet used graphics from all these sites, but have from many, and I can recommend them all.

Jeffrey Goodsell - Media Link
Ace of Space (Must by CD to get graphics)
Artmaker Studio (No longer free)
Artsy Fartsy Backgrounds
Artsy~Smartsy Backgrounds
Bimsan's Web Graphics
Boogie Jack's
Button Borders
Coral Designs
The Cyberspace Inn
Cygnus Graphics
Debbie's Internet and Graphic Design
Design Originals
The Design Shoppe
Doc Ozone
Dream Studios
Backgrounds by Elly / Dreamdweller Designs
Heather's World of Graphics
Skyylight Designs
Temple of Mighty Grapholina
A Touch of Shel
Just Jane's Original Graphics
The Icon Factory
Pegasus On-Line
Iconographics (formerly The Rocket Shop)
Thomas Web Gallery
Eye on the World
The Briggs Family Home Page
Cloud Dancer's Graphics
Enchanted Backgrounds
It's A Crazi Border
Jill Sims' Home Page
Heikki's Background Paradise
The Graphics Station
Phyllis's Backgrounds and Alphabets
Jersey Home Girl Free Web Graphics
Judi's Doodlings
Pammi's Pad
Shadow Dream Graphics
Snickers' Sites
Stormi's Background Boutique
The Widow's Designs
(Appears no longer to have free graphics)
Abstract Designs
The Wizard of Draws Graphic Treasury
My HTML files created with Hippie
Infinite Fish
fOUR bEES Graphics
Hawkeye's Land of Backgrounds
S.S. Studios
the depARTment store
Look Out!
The Button Bin
Backgrounds by Montserrat
Lee Roth Media
Graphics and Beyond
Lilysong's Moonlight Realm
The Cyberspace Place
Advanced Web Designs
Custom Textures
Pam Bytes
Patti's Place
Albino Frog Software, Inc.
(AFS is gone but some of their tiles are here)
Graphics by Grazia
(Now Cipressoville)
GlenBer's Backgrounds
Media Link's Free Graphics
The Pixel Foundry
Texture Tiles
3D Textured Backgrounds
B.A.D. Graphics)
Jelane's Free Web Graphics
Julianne's Background Textures
Jeffrey Zeldman Presents

Background for THIS page from
the gone and lamented site
Hawkeye's Land of Backgrounds