Daloki Mauvais is 5'10, with very dark brown hair cut carelessly short and dark brown eyes. She is rail-thin, plain of face, brusque in manner. Her habitual clothing is black jeans and boots, a red T-shirt, and an oddly fancy red jacket with a heavily quilted back. Among her talents is the ability to blow excellent smoke rings and the occasional smoke square, when she puts her mind to it.

Dal was born approximately 26 years ago, no one knows where. When she was about 3, her needy parents were lured to the pleasure city of Brykké, where jobs were promised. She vaguely remembers seeing her father murdered only hours after their arrival, when he tried to keep their new employers from taking his wife away into prostitution.About two years later, her mother was beaten to death before her eyes by a client who wanted the daughter as well as the mother. Five-year-old Daloki killed this man, though she doesn't recall how. She lived in the back alleys of the pleasure city, avoiding the sweeps that collected children for the brothels and human hunt ranches, but was caught stealing food at about the age of six or seven and was flogged for it with a power whip.

This instrument left welts on her back which remained inflamed for twenty years. Sent to one of the hunt ranches, she eluded all pursuers and escaped back to the city, returning again to the slum alleys and sewers that sheltered both the strongest and weakest inhabitants of Brykké. As she grew, she became something of a leader among those whose lives were spent in hiding.

At about the age of 17, after witnessing the public flogging of a number of young children, Daloki murdered the Governor of Brykké. She was sentenced to be flogged to death, but escaped, killing or seriously injuring a number of government officials. This attracted the attention of a small underground organization, who managed to smuggle her past the force field which trapped most people in the city.

She attempted to interest the rulers of nearby countries in the terrible goings-on in the pleasure-city, but found her illiteracy made them look down upon her, and worse, many of the wealthy patrons of Brykké came from those same countries' governments. Nothing was done.

For many years she wandered, educating herself wherever possible, living by her wits (and by thievery when necessary), always in pain from the terrible whip-welts on her back. For four years she worked for a vintner who made cassia wine, the semi-magical wine which, when made properly, will never make one drunk. When the winery closed, she wandered again, until she came at last to this place ... and found friends.

Here it was that Tzigany offered her kindness and caring, seeing the pain she tried to hide and offering her a gypsy salve that eased her suffering ... where, later, Rakehell finally healed the 20-year-old wounds that had resisted all medical and magical attempts at healing until Rake absorbed them and her pain into his own vampiric body ...

... but she unwisely returned to Brykké, seeking information about her parents' heritage, and fell into a trap. Escaping back to the realms but mortally injured, she asked Rakehell to save her life in the only way he could ... by Embracing her.

Thus Dal became a gangrel vampire, and a new phase of her life began.

Lonely, bitter, and rough at the edges, Daloki comes seldom these days to the Supernatural realms. Her beloved friend Tzigany Gypsy has disowned her, and there is little else for her there. She spends much time melded into the earth, coming out to feed upon the homeless folk in the slums -- never killing them, though, since they remind her so much of her own hellish childhood. Killing is reserved for those who prey upon the homeless: the drug dealers, the muggers and their kind. Already some of the vagrants look upon her as some kind of dark, avenging angel ...

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