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History... Marieke and Nb...

The marriage of NbKiller and Marieke was performed by PhoenixGod himself, and the two were blissfully happy until repeated attempts on Marie's life made her and Nb worried about her mortality. Together they decided -- foolishly, as it turned out -- that he should embrace her.

All too soon it was apparent that Marie was never meant to be a vampire. Almost from the beginning the relationship began to sour, bit by bit. Finally a blazing quarrel erupted, and when Nb turned away from her in bitter anger and disappointment, Marieke sought to die and wound up in the vampiric healing sleep of torpor.

History... Echo and Marie...

Months passed while Marie slept, and Nb found a new love, the lady Catz. Meanwhile, Echo discovered that Marie, in her sleep, was sustaining herself by drawing upon Echo's own life force through the spirit-link that had formed when they shared Marie's body. Echo grew weaker as the days passed, and knew that the only ways to save her own life were either to awaken Marie... or kill her.

Not even to save her own life would Echo consider killing Marie. But in the end, her own desperation forced Nb to choose... and he chose Catz.

Marie died instantly.

What saved Marie, strange to say, was the intervention of two who were known for evil-doing: the Baron Von Toc, and Wyrm. Von Toc captured Marieke's soul at the moment of death, thinking to do mischief with it, and eventually put the soul of Marie into the body of Echo; Wyrm ultimately gave Marieke her own body again, though at the same time putting his mark on both her and Echo...

Into this tragic mix came the sinister figure of Arron CuVoir, a demon with a long-standing grudge against NbKiller. While Arron tormented the friends and loved ones of Nb, Marie fought hard to regain the love of her beloved, to no avail... until despair overtook her.

In one corner of the Library is an antique reading stand; on this there is a large volume bound in soft leather, and beside it a quill pen in an inkstand. Here are the Archives of our roleplaying history.

If you wish to go directly to the most recent entries, they are found in Echo's Room and Marie's Room.

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