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This is indeed a "living" room. Here is the place to learn about who we are...


... is the mortal daughter of Hera, Queen of the gods of the ancient Greeks. She has strong magical healing powers and considerable practical knowledge of medicine as well. As these tales begin she has three adopted children - Dragon Teers, Tommy and the young gargoyle Paganini - and two children by birth, Moonbiter, whose whereabouts are unknown, and Mercy Spawn, her daughter by Black Spawn (from the time when Echo had been transformed into one of the Spawn-kind). These days, though, only one of the children, 7-year-old Tommy, currently resides with her.

Echo is 25, slender, 5'9" tall, has brown hair (always worn in a single braid) and hazel eyes, and usually wears an ankle-length loose gown of forest green or "healer's green." In her braid lives a slim snake, the color of chocolate and jewels, whose name is Aelu. He is her healing partner, and is powerfully magical.


... is 5'4" tall, with black curls that cascade around her shoulders and long-lashed black eyes. Her skin is flawless and satiny, her features beautiful, her form luscious.

Marieke's background is obscure; her name is Flemish, though it is thought her father was an Italian nobleman and her mother, his mistress, a French courtesan. She has pretty, convent-school manners though it is apparent she did not learn a great deal else from her schooling.

Marie came to the realms with nothing but her beauty, went to work as the hostess of T&T's Tavern, and soon died under mysterious circumstances. TziganyGypsy saw to it that her body was preserved, hoping somehow to restore her to life. Instead, Marie's body was used to house the spirit of Echo after Echo's murder by Exodus. The revival of Marie's body, though, attracted her unquiet spirit, and over time it became apparent that both Marieke and Echo were living in the single petite form of the young girl.

Then Marieke had a fateful dance with NbKiller. Within a day the two had fallen deeply in love, and when Nb asked Marie to marry him, her soul and Echo's were separated by PhoenixGod, who restored Echo to her own physical form (although the two women kept a close spiritual link).

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