The Music Room

If you click on "Aupres du ma blonde" below, you can hear the wav before deciding whether to save it. Then if you like what you hear you have a better idea whether you want to download either of the zip files.

Click here to download Marieke singing "Aupres du ma blonde," which roughly translates as: "Close by my sweetheart, it will be good, be good, be good ... Close by my sweetheart, it will be good to sleep."

Moonshyn.wav is is Echo singing a verse from "Moonshine" by Bert Jansch. The words are:

"Moonshine soft and clear through a death-black, endless sky ... cartwheeling bright stars twinkling down. From the shadows calls the night owl ... he's echoing my loneliness ..."

Another file is posted for your listening pleasure (after a long download, I'm afraid, because it's BIG ... 655K or something like that). If you like Marieke's singing, click here to get a Package of her songs. The three songs included are:

Translation of the last is approximately:

"Since he is now dead to my heart ... let's dance the jig! ... I remember, I remember the hours and the conversations, and they are the best of all that is good."

The singer is trying defiantly to forget her lost love by dancing, but her memories of him are better than any present joys.

P.S.: For more information about my wav files, visit my Sound Studio.

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