Echo's Note: The original meaning of the French word "boudoir" was "pouting place," a lady's small chamber where she could withdraw to be alone. Certainly Marie has been known to pout . . . but please don't tell her I said that!

Marieke's Boudoir is filled at all times with fragrant flowers and the scent of her perfumes. Pastels being anathema to one so vivid as Marie, the wallpaper is velvet-textured with scarlet roses on a cream background, and the draperies, the chaise longue's upholstery, and the skirt of the dressing table are all scarlet with cream roses upon them. Prominent on the wall is an artist's rendering of a blood rose, the symbol of her dear friends Tzigany and Tristan. A black and scarlet afghan is artistically thrown over the back of the chaise.

Here, in good times, Marie comes to apply her makeup, do her nails, dress her hair, choose today's perfume. Here, in bad times, she comes to rest, seeking solace among the things that delight her.

The Foyer
The Living Room
The Library
The Reading Room
The Music Room

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