Uh oh ... this doesn't look like a sound studio ... it looks like ... a really, really strange place.

Never fear - you've come to the right room. My idea of suitable decor is, perhaps, a bit different from most ...

All the wavs here can be previewed by clicking on them EXCEPT "wavpak.zip" from the Music Room.

Fun Wavs

  • deadman.wav (19K) - A satisfying scream. Sorry, removed from site due to bandwidth theft.
  • heraslaf.wav (31K) - My IC mother's wicked laugh (from Hercules: The Legendary Journeys)
  • moo.wav (18K) - Especially put here for Emeraude the Emerald Angel
  • ribbit.wav (5K) - I hope the name is self-explanatory
  • rooster1.wav (26K) - Should also be self-explanatory
  • naughty.wav (33K) - John Cleese of Monty Python saying, "You naughty person!"
  • grand.wav (28K) - Graham Chapman of Monty Python exclaiming sarcastically, "Oh I say, we are grand, aren't we!"
  • poink.wav (2K) - It goes "poink!"
  • Music Wavs

  • aupres2.wav - Marieke singing the chorus from "Aupres du ma blonde."
  • moonshyn.wav - Echo singing a verse from Bert Jansch's song "Moonshine."
  • wavpak1.zip - A zipped package of three of Marie's waves:
    • canthelp.wav - The first verse of "Can't Help Lovin' That Man of Mine" in Marie's unique French accent.
    • merry1.wav - The first verse of the "Merry Widow Waltz."
    • danson.wav - The last verse of "Dansons la gigue!", words by Paul Verlaine, music by John Alden Carpenter.
  • liar.wav - An expression (from an old song) of Marie's anger toward NbKiller.
  • For more information on my music wavs, including translations of the French songs, please visit my Music Room.
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