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Recent developments have sadly disillusioned me about roleplaying in Supernatural. It seems more often than not there is no cooperation between players. Instead, everything is competition. We are not roleplaying with each other, but against each other. That's not how it's supposed to be - nor is it much fun.

I remember when Lord Celtic attacked Arctic Wolf, back in the days of the three-hit rule which is now so vilified. The fight was short, brutal, and judged fairly by those in the room. Each hit was examined. Had all hits been valid, Arctic was ready to accept her death. As it turned out, one hit referenced ripping through her abdomen by pulling out her navel ring - and Arc did not have a navel ring. Invalid. No kill. Simple as that.

Now any room fight is more argument than fight. While the three-hit rule had problems, at least the rule then was CLEAR. Now there is no clarity. There is only the interminable arguing. And we live in an era where an experienced roleplayer - me - may be "voted a bunny" and the character declared dead due to one marginal move.

We no longer respect each other, as roleplayers or as people.

Once upon a time, ooc bashing would get you clicked by the entire room. Now it seems to be a complacently-accepted pastime.

Let me repeat what I think is the most important point I can possibly make: We should be roleplaying WITH each other, not AGAINST each other.

Three months have passed since I last added chapters to the stories of Echo and Marie. I don't even remember everything that has transpired during that time, let alone put accurate dates on events. As I've tried to explain, my heart isn't really in it these days ... but I'm hoping that updating these pages will help me remember what is GOOD about roleplay.

So ... updates will be forthcoming. To continue, click Here.

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