2/9/97: Marie lies upon the chaise, the afghan pulled half over her, eyes opening and closing at intervals. Her face, usually made up to perfection, is scrubbed clean, and anyone who saw her would see two things: First, that her beauty owes relatively little to makeup, for her features are exquisite without it, but second, that something has gone very much awry with her, for that part of her beauty owed to her vivacity is absent. Her black hair, usually tumbling about her shoulders in glorious curls, is yanked back into a careless ponytail. Her garb, which in this room should be at the very least an embroidered silken nightgown and negligee, is instead just jeans and a sweatshirt.

Something has happened... something has taken the joy of living from Marie...

2/11/97: The boudoir is empty. Marie is gone, run away from the pain. She said she was going back to France, but in truth there is no way to know where she is now. Echo, miserable at the loss of her "soeur-en-ame," her sister-in-soul, can only hope that someday Marie will contact her again... for now, all she has is a short, tear-stained letter written on Marie's scented notepaper (see "Note on the Mantel" on the Supernatural BB) and a wav file Marie made and left behind for NbKiller... a wav called LIAR.

2/22/97: Worse and worse... (link to next room here) Marie's private hell

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