At bedtime, Echo turns back the covers slowly, her movements deliberate. A half-smile has made its home on her still blue-tinged lips, and there is a light in her eyes that has long been missing. Blood Demon's love has given new meaning to Echo's life.

Sliding into bed and pulling the covers up around her shoulders, she looks up into the darkness of her room, the subtle awareness of Blood always in her mind. Even at night, the necklace he gave her remains around her neck, black and scarlet, keeping all would-be intruders from her mind. There are those who say Blood only uses her, or has enchanted her into loving him: Echo knows better. No doubts remain - his love for her is real, and hers for him is all her own... and soaring joy fills her soul at the thought of him.

As she drifts into sleep, it is as if she lies not in her own bed, but in his arms, in his home among the ruins, the demonic heat of his body warming her, their dreams entwining in a dance among the flames of hell and the cool mists of Hades.

"I love you, Blood Demon."

"And I love you, Echo."

In both voices there is joy and triumph.

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