The ways of the Supernatural realms are strange indeed... for an enemy who once was a friend has helped Echo... Cyano Garramonde, the twisted, vicious version of his former self, along with James, restored her true memories and feelings. With the pain and haziness of the last few days gone, certain feelings were suddenly clarified for Echo.

Perhaps no one will ever understand, save herself and Blood Demon...

Echo is happy.

She loves Blood... and he has chosen her. It does not matter to her whether one so evil can truly love her... that she is his chosen one is enough.

Around her neck she now wears the necklace of midnight black and crimson, Blood's gift to her. No more will Arron be able to invade her thoughts... the necklace grants her a mind-shield... day and night she wears it, secure in the knowledge that no one can take it from her, no one can force her to remove it...

Before she falls asleep, she touches the necklace and whispers, "I am yours... my love... "

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