On March 25, 1997, Raksasha and Wyrm met in mortal combat. As the two fought, thirteen people watched tensely, sometimes calling out to Rak, who seemed not to remember - or care - what the defeat of Wyrm would mean to those whom Wyrm had marked. Among those who watched and waited were Echo and Marieke, as well as Regicide, who was now desperately ill; James K'tarn, himself locked in battle with Gamma Wolfe; Kayion Ravagard, Echo's dear friend; and Echo's adopted brother-turned-enemy Daeus. The others were Antonio, Ceceilla, Kain, Kenjerio, Leopold, Leong, and ZoieTears.

When Wyrm fell to Rak, all thirteen - including Echo and Marie (who never entirely understood what was happening) - collapsed and died.

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