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Welcome to friends and travellers. My home is open to all save those who wish harm to me and mine.

Echo began as a name in a fairy tale I read as a child ... she grew through many incarnations as I weaved stories in the universe behind my eyes during the years that followed. In 1995 she began yet another life in a written RPG based on Hercules: The Legendary Journeys on a Prodigy bulletin board. The friends I made there, especially Hades, Iolaus, Chaimu and Xanthea, opened to me a whole new world. It was Hades who introduced me to Chat, and there for the first time I experienced live interactive roleplaying.

And so Echo was transformed again, this time for Chat. In the Supernatural chat room I met people who became very dear to me: my "adopted" children Angel, Joey, Laura and June; Echo's beloved adopted daughter SolaceDragon and friend James; friends of the heart in Keleila, Mickey, Melanie and John. Oh yes, there are many others, do not feel unloved, I beg you. These mentioned are the ones I had known longest and best, you see. It's sad that over time I have lost touch with all but three of these people.

On the following pages are chronicles of the lives of Echo and her sister-in-soul Marieke from February to early July of 1997. That's as far as I got. It breaks off abruptly. The happenings in June and July, when people I thought had become real-life friends turned against me in the roleplay (though never those listed above), depressed me too much for me to continue. Daloki's biography is also here, but she had no ongoing storyline. I created her because Echo was getting kicked around an awful lot, and I wanted to kick back.

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Echo was restored to life after the story chronicled here breaks off, but she did not return to the Supernatural chat room. There were other roleplaying rooms at Prodigy, and she moved on, away from the people who had hurt her - and me - so cruelly.

Thank you for visiting - stay awhile and enjoy yourself!

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