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These pages contain the descriptions and histories of the characters we who roleplayed on Prodigy created. In all cases, the information was provided by the roleplayers themselves; I, as biographer and web designer, have sometimes reformatted the text, sometimes merely proofread and coded it for the Web.

Here you will see pages done (without charge) at all stages of my development as a web designer. If you are viewing this site to see examples of my work, I hope you will find your visit rewarding!

NOTE: Many, many of the sources while I found free graphics for use on personal web pages are gone; other artists are no longer offering free graphics. I have maintained the links where possible, and still list the designers who made the graphics when I can't find them. Thank you to you all!

Who lives on these pages? Vampires ... werewolves ... demons ... mortals ... in some flows the blood of gods, in others the blood of dragons ... they are healers and necromancers, jesters and murderers. Some live to love, some to serve, some to hate, some to kill.

Yet as diverse as they are, all their players shared one common element: the desire to roleplay. So come in and meet us ... then come to RolePages Roleplaying and join in all over again.
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