On June 9, 1997, attended by Blood Demon, Echo gave birth to a healthy son, Vezhan. This name, one usually reserved for the highborn of Druhim Vanashta, was bestowed upon the child as a gift from Azhrarn Demonlord.

The child's appearance clearly showed his mixed heritage of a demon father and a half-goddess, half-mortal mother. Black-haired and red-eyed (though the eyes showed gold flecks), his skin was fair yet tougher than a mortal's, and with a sultry reddish undertone. He had small wings that were expected to grow strong enough to support him in time. Unlike his father, he had no tail or horns but did inherit the retractable finger and toe talons. He was born with small, sharp teeth which he used to pierce his mother's breast for blood while nursing.

Mother and father were delighted with their child...

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