Sindall Wolff

At 22, Sindall calls herself a spoiled "Daddy's girl," laughing as she says it. But indeed she has reason to love and revere her father, Lord Wolff, and in fact her goal in life is to follow in his footsteps, learning to be, like him, a wise and fair leader, leading with her heart and a sound mind.

Some time ago Sindall was found barely alive in the forest near the Vampire Pub, with no memories of her past. Lord Wolff and his family took her in and cared for her until she was in good health again. After awhile she began working in the Pub as a waitress, befriending and helping others.

Sindall has long, wavy dark hair which she is constantly brushing out of her face. She adds, "I have a bad habit of tucking it behind my ears when I am nervous." Her eyes are a deep royal blue, but - "Beware when they turn to pale icy blue," she says. "Someone's going to catch it then!"

She is tall - 5'8" - and slender, flexible and toned as a dancer. She likes to dress in silk, usually blue or white, and wears silver and sapphire jewelry, including a delicate wolf's head ring with sapphire eyes, given to her by her father for protection.

A loving girl, she worries for others, friends and strangers alike, and is always willing to help when needed. Only when pressed beyond all limits does she become violent or even unkind. She often comes across, she says, as "ditsy," but in fact she is quite intelligent, trying to understand and see the world from as many different points of view as possible.

Now a Master in the Warrior's Society, Sindall is coyly silent on the subject of her own abilities and limitations. Her family, in addition to Lord Wolff, includes a sister, Tatianna; uncles Crimson Blade, Telcontar and Balandee; aunts Dream Webs, T'Lizabeth and Camilla; and several nieces and nephew. Her friends, she says, are "almost everyone she has met," with ElvenAngel and Zantara holding special places in her heart.

She was for a time affiliated with the V&K, to whom she says she will always feel a loyalty, and has a deep respect for Rictor, as he has always been good to her. These days she travels through the realms, making friends and trying to bring peace, and devoting much of her time to her fiancé, Daeus, with whom she is shown on his own biography page.

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