Daeus Garramonde

Lord Daeus Lorenzo Garramonde to you. Watch out for this sucker: at six foot nine and 276 pounds of lean muscle, 2000 years old, half Elemental Daemon and half Lasombra Vampyre, and mean as a starving pit bull, he's nobody to screw around with.

His skin is moon-pale; his eyes normally green but shifting to black or red depending on his mood; his hair usually blond unless he's enraged or bored, when it turns black. It's long hair, so he is constantly brushing bangs away from his eyes. A scar slashes down his face starting at the left eyebrow. He wears all black at all times, usually a black silk suit with a black rawhide overcoat. Black leather gloves conceal his rings and his disfigured left hand.

He has many tattoos, but only three he considers important: the portrait of his dead brother, Cyano, with tears streaming down his face, on his right shoulder; the one of his dead best friend, Judas, also crying, on his left shoulder; and the picture, on his left shoulder blade, of his dead blood brother, NbKiller.

Daeus came to the Supernatural realms to avenge his brother Cyano's defeat at the hands of the evil demon Exodus. When Cy regained his strength and was once again able to do everyday activities, he and Daeus started the Garramonde Familia, which today Daeus heads. Cy and Daeus made a calculated decision to turn to evil for two reasons: evil gets you more money, and they were bored. For a real twist, they even became friends with Exodus.

Daeus loves to fight as an escape from boredom. He doesn't really care whom he kills, as long as his boredom is conquered. He kills for pleasure and for sport: It is all a game to him. He can be calm and loving, particularly to his family members, or he can be hateful and evil. Since the death of his best friend Judas, he calls himself his best friend. His motto is, "I need nobody, and I ain't got nobody."

His surviving family includes his son, D'mitri Garramonde, his nephew, Jakkal Garramonde, and two nieces, Seduction and Michaela. He is the great uncle of Sed and Cycosis' son Chorran, and also of Talon and Shane, but those two he does not acknowledge or consider as family, since their father is Wyrm.

When pressed for details, Daeus became rather belligerent. He gave his goals as "complete and utter destruction" and his occupation as "mobster/clan leader." Asked about his abilities, he refused to go into great detail, saying he wasn't about to give his legion of enemies any clues. The most he would divulge is that he is a psionicist, high priest of the man-god and the Land Athas, a mage, and master of Lasombra Obtenebration. "That is all you will get, boys and girls," he finished. He would say nothing at all about any fears, not wanting them used against him: "I AIN'T STUPID, PEOPLE!!"

As for flaws or limitations, the only thing Daeus mentioned is that because of his boredom, he loves to fight so much that one day he's bound to pick a fight with the wrong person ... and die.

Finally, a warning: He hates it when people mispronounce his name as "Daues" or "Deaus." Again, a direct quote: "THE NAME IS DAEUS ... GET IT RIGHT!"

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