Lea DeMieux

Lea was born 437 years ago on October 25th. She has raven black hair that reaches below her shoulders, curling at the bottom. Lea only wears her hair up on special occasions, preferring to have it hanging loosely about her shoulders. Her sapphire blue eyes have violet specks. When she is extrememly happy, her eyes glow softly and the violet specks sparkle like stars; when she's sad or deeply depressed, her eyes look very dull and the specks aren't visible. At 5'5" and 115 pounds, Lea is small, but has exquisite curves.

She is very pale and has only one tattoo, that of a dagger with a rose vine growing around it, located on the lower left part of her stomach. Her left eyebrow is pierced with a silver ring. She only wears silver clothing, preferably dresses, and wears no shoes except on special occasions. She wears a silver thumb ring and a golden locket given to her by her Mother. Her ankles are adorned with tiny bells that tinkle whenever she walks. She is sometimes seen with a magic rainbow swirled rose, her most prized possession.

She is a vampire...but dreams of the mortality she once had. She was made the Goddess of Nature by LadyO'Night.

She takes care of her children and her family...and anyone else who may be in need of her magical services. She has only one goal, to be sure the people she loves are completely happy and will remain so for eternity. Lea fears abandonment and loneliness. She sometimes goes into trances and has many split personalities that her family and friends are not aware of...yet.

She is a very intelligent and caring person, doing whatever is necessary to fulfill the needs of her loved ones, even if it means sacrificing herself. She has a deep loyalty to her sister Lilia and would die without her. She does have small bouts of insanity, usually when she is left alone for long periods of time. Her moods change frequently and without warning, and she can become very violent. During her rages, she goes into trances and usually produces bodily harm to herself.

Her sisters are NuaLove, Lily Nobilia, and Emerald Lightdale. Her brothers are Reiarjan and Ace Nobilia. Her friends include Lily, Nua, Jaq, Ace, Nighty, Wreggie, Grly, Eme, Virous, Froggie and Ryv, just to name a few. She is married to Jaquio, and loves him dearly. They have two children, Skylahr Error DeMieux and Aja Nykole DeMieux. She has a daughter from a previous person, Raegan Denise Delayn.

Lea was born an only child into a family of royalty. For reasons unknown, her parents sent her to live in a gypsy camp. There she was adopted by a beautiful and young gypsy woman. She then met her sister Lily and brother Reiarjan. After a few years, Lily and Lea left the camp to live elsewhere. When Lea was about seventeen, she was brutally attacked and raped, becoming pregnant with her first child, Raegan. She was so embarassed by this that she sent her baby girl to live with a friend. Soon after she was attacked by the same man, and embraced, becoming a vampire. She moved away and met a man name JediKnight. They fell in love and after a short courtship were married. Soon after, Lea gave birth to another girl, Rage Dicole. Lea became terribly depressed and missed the freedom she had before she was married. She left Jedi when Rage was still a baby and moved to another town. Rage died a short time later from smallpox. Lea was so heartbroken that she killed herself!

About a year later, she was resurrected by Eme and Ace. She got Raegan back, and moved to the same town as Lily. She had many relationships after that and was unhappy with all of them. Then she met Jaquio and fell head over heels in love. They had only known each other for four days when he proposed and she accepted. They were married two days later and have been together ever since. The night of their honeymoon, Lea became pregnant with their son Sky. Almost two years later Lea had her third girl, Aja, who is now six months old.

Lea's powers were given to her by LadyO'Night. She can snap her fingers and make objects appear or disappear. She can call on the forces of nature whenever she pleases. She can make herself vanish or become dim if danger is expected.

Her limitation is that she needs blood to survive. So far, she has learned to control her diet, only feeding when absolutely necessary, and only when no one is around. No one knows of this need, and she tries her best to hide her true form from the world.

Lea is kind-hearted and not afraid to show what she is made of. She hates violence, and stays away from it as much as possible. She stands by her family and friends one hundred percent, though: you mess with them, you mess with her. She depends on the love of her family and friends to keep her alive. Without them, she would have nothing, be nothing. She is best known for her crazy antidotes for life's problems and her wild ideas. She is free-spirited and silly, but also serious and down to earth when needed.

"To truly love someone, you must first love yourself..."

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