Adara Skye

"Just because you can't see it with your own eyes
doesn't mean it's not there." -- Adara Skye

The willowy Skye, 6'3" and 115 pounds, is every inch the graceful dancer. Her hair falls in a straight, blue-black curtain to her waist. Eyes of iciest blue are fringed by thick ebon lashes, and raven brows wing delicately above those luminescent orbs. Skye's skin is pale and flawless, marred only by a small violet crescent moon tattooed at her lower back. Designer jeans, a plain shirt, and a fitted black leather jacket compliment Skye's lithe height to perfection. Adara Skye

Skye's parents, Rictor and Mircea -- heads of the V&K family -- constantly strive to instill lady-like airs in her personality and manner. She is usually very quiet, but it is not unheard of for Skye to burst out with a shocking comment. This 20 year old cannot stand to be treated like a child.

While it is all fun and games now, for Skye, she longs to one day marry and have children. However, at the moment, the young vampire/human is content to keep company with her close friends -- Julie K'tarn, Night, and Arurora. Skye's only known enemies include Azian D'ram and the banished Ash. Her family includes such notables as Rhea, Gareth, Magnus, Aurora, Magenta, and many others that she cannot recall at a moment's notice.

Skye's birth was an original one, helped along by PheonixGod and protected by the goddess, Isis. Skye has powers that can only be imagined, at present; she has yet to learn, but the aspiring fighter is determined to reach her full potential.

Although only half vampire, Skye has the speed and strength of one fully of the Blood -- with the advantages that she can survive without partaking of blood and she need not fear exposure to sunlight. In addition, Skye has managed to preserve her youth by using her own Magics; she aged herself in increments slowly, stopping at her current age.

Skye has a wide range of power, but she doesn't know how to use much of it yet. However, under the tutelage of her mother and father, she is able to harness a great deal of the power and is also learning the skills of a fighter. Skye's weapon of choice is a whip constructed by Arthur Deville. She is just learning to use psionics and the Wind element. Skye instills the fluidity of motion that comes with dancing in her fighting, enabling efficiency of movement and action. It is Skye's hope that someday, she will be as excellent a fighter as most of the people in her family -- and perhaps, she will exceed their bounds.

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