"In complete darkness, we are all the same. It is only our knowledge that separates us. Don't let your eyes deceive you." -- Lady Eva

Heiress to the powers of the deceased Vixen, Lady Eva has the ability to chant and conjure things. She cannot change forms, but can levitate, manipulate minds, and heal.
Eva has trouble letting go of grudges; she advises that people do their best to get on her good side. She can be your best friend, but also your enemy.
Eva's shoulder is always good for someone to cry on.
Lady Eva can be found
as "V LadyEva V" in the Roleplaying and Supernatural Realms of Prodigy. With waist-length black hair and midnight eyes -- subject to change to icy blue when angered -- this 156-year-old Vampiric Priestess retains the youthful, athletic figure of a woman of 26.

Lady Eva is most often attired in a slinky black silk dress, shadowed by an ankle-length, hooded cloak. A silver pentacle and a glass amulet decorate her swan-like throat, and a jade ring graces her left hand. Lady Eva desires to find a father for the child she currently carries.

Eva is not a member of a clan; she dislikes such organizations because she feels that they are always warring. Eva's family includes V Phlynn V, kDarkNinjab, and the late V Spaz V.

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