Princess Emerald Lightdale

Princess Emerald LightdaleEmerald Lightdale was born 255 years ago, along with her fraternal twin sister Moonbeam. At that time, twins were considered evil, so protect their children, the King and Queen sent Emerald to be raised by the Elder Elf, who taught and trained her. This nameless Elf never revealed to Emerald that she was a Princess of the Crystal Elves.

When she was grown, the Elf gave her permission to set out to find her own way in the world. In the Realm of Roleplay she met her best friend and long-lost sister Lady Moonbeam. Moonbeam had always known she had a sister, and she told Eme everything. Though Eme turned out to be a princess, she didn't like being treated as royalty, not having been raised that way.

She has had ill fortune with relationships. First she married Sir Absolut and bore him a son, Robert Jade. On the day of Robbie's birth, Abs was off with his lover. Eme found out about the affair later, by rumor, and was devastated, and their marriage was ended.

She then became involved with NS Minotaur, but soon after she was told (in error) that he had left her, another confessed his love for her. Eme had secretly loved this man, Lord William, for some time, and they became engaged. When Taury learned of this, he committed suicide.

When William learned that FenWolf, desperately in love with Eme himself, was also about to kill himself over her, he released Eme from their engagement. But Taury was resurrected, and he and Fen both proposed to her at the same time. Foolishly, she now believes, she chose Minotaur. Before their marriage took place, Emerald was raped by a demon and became pregnant. She asked her god, Krishna, to take the baby and care for it, which he did.

She bore twins for Taury, Ana and Dar, though nearly lost them before birth due to an attack by another jealous lover. But all too soon Taury decided he really hadn't known Eme well enough when he proposed, and didn't like what he was discovering about her - not having known she had a fierce temper. In addition, Eme had met Ripperman and was beginning to have strong feelings for him.

Ripperman turned out to be her destined love. But she was cast under a curse that whenever separated from her true love, she would be in great pain. When Ripperman vanished, Eme's pain was so great that she wound up in a wheelchair. Then, for some unknown reason, oO Akira Oo attacked and killed her.

Another incarnation of Eme was born at that moment, looking exactly the same and with all her memories, coming from 255 years in the future via a time warp. The original Eme's death had broken the curse, as well. Eme will soon be crowned Queen of the Crystal Elves and is now in love with CoNinja. For private reasons they are not involved, but may be so in the future.

Princess Emerald LightdaleSlender and curvaceous, the Princess has emerald green eyes that, when she experiences true happiness, will turn to stars. Her red hair is very long and curly. She always wears green except on special occasions, such as at weddings and funerals.

Her family includes her father, King Lightdale (her mother is deceased), sister Lady Moonbeam, and several children: Robert Jade, 5; Darian and Anastasia, 1-year-old twins; and an adopted daughter, Lil Kylie, who is 8. She has a legion of friends, including: Snow, Apy, Dani, Dana, Lily, Lea, War, Shay, Moon, Love, Grly, Ace, Mani, Maxi, Yao and, of course, Co!

As a Crystal Elf, Emerald Lightdale can call upon the forces of nature. She has the power to resurrect (though cannot resurrect the same person more than twice), to shapeshift, and to read minds. Use of these powers drains her energy, though. Only decapitation can kill her, and she adds that her ears are sensitive, so please don't yell! She is a lady of many moods: proper and ladylike, hyper and silly, sexy and seductive, pissed off and dangerous ... but mostly what she calls "just plain ol' Eme" which is exemplified by her quotable quote:

"Live and get over it! HEHEHEHE" <grabbles everyone into an Eme Hugglebuggle>

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