Picture golden blonde, naturally curled silken tresses cascading loose to mid-back ... picture swirling sapphire eyes fringed with thick, sweeping lashes - eyes that reflect the twinkles she can become upon a moment's notice, always the light and dark blue hues intermixing, eyes encircled by an indigo ring, oftentimes pulsing to the beat of her heart ... picture a supple, delicate figure, with sun-kissed silk skin displayed by backless gowns ... add the scent of vanilla which clings to her very being ... and now you have envisioned ...


As a child, Shay delighted all with whom she came in contact. Sunny in nature, she had a wide-eyed innocence and golden-haired beauty that endeared her to all. Her upbringing was carefree and happy, raised by the only parent she ever knew, her father, who passed away upon her 20th birthday. His last words to her were to allow herself to follow the brightest star, and she would never lose her way. Confused as to exactly what her father meant, she concluded that the fading of his life had blurred his senses.

Being an innocent and all alone, she asked at an Inn she came to if there was a means by which a person such as herself could secure a bit of protection. She was directed to one known as Lady War, who took Shay under her wing and inducted her into the Clan of DragonFyre. To her surprise, she found that Lady War was in fact her only living blood relation.

Time went on, and she was accepted into the clan. Her new clanfolk found her gentle and soft-spoken, loyal to her word and true to a fault, always quick with a compliment and slow to anger. She began to meet and embrace as friends all whom she met, never turning aside from one who might need a helping hand or perhaps a listening ear ... and of course she was always quick in invitation to join her in a cup of tea. Always she had a smile to share and sunshine to spread to those who would accept it.

However, there came a day when a certain person named Bacardi betrayed her trust. Upon assuring her no harm would be done her, he enticed her by means of lies to a place where he proceeded to give her the choice of being his slave and a pawn to be used against her cousin Lady War ... or death.

The butcher's swordThough terrified beyond belief, she wavered not in her loyalty and lifted her chin in defiance, choosing death before giving him the power to use her against her clan and her only blood relation. As her innocent blood was shed upon the ground, she raised her slender arms in supplication and whispered words unheard by the butcher slaughtering her, saying a prayer to any god who would listen.

It was Re the God of the Sun who heard her prayer. He captured the golden-haired beauty's last breath, the exhalation of her spirit, and preserved it in a ray of light. Re then looked over Shay's short history and considered what should be done. Not liking to meddle with the affairs of humans, he wasn't quick to intervene; however, her last sad words touched the God, and he took pity upon her innocent little soul, thus transforming her remaining essence into a childe of the sun. She maintained all her memories of the past, except for the brutal treatment of the last moments of her life.

But Re, as with all things, had a price for his intervention. Upon the completion of her transformation, he laid his hand upon her abdomen, taking her ability to bear children as his payment, thus bringing her lineage to an end. However, when he told her the cost he had exacted from her, she burst into tears, for being barren would doom her to a life without a mate. She was sure that no matter what her beauty, no man would marry her knowing she would never be able to continue his line.

Re, prideful and unbending in many ways, was once more moved by her pleas. Although he could not return her fertility to her, he presented to her gifts to ease her sorrow. He cast into her sapphire eyes twinkles and sparkles of sunlight that could be used in various different ways: the ability to use and control the sun's heat and light, and the ability to send forth, in an aura of blue hues that matched her eyes, her essence, her life force, to heal and use in other ways that she would learn later. She would find she could burst into twinkles in the blink of an eye, and become a fairly adept healer. Re bathed her in his loving rays of light, clothing her in a shimmering, smooth, sleek gown, backless to the curve of her slender hip, that clings to her every move. His desire caressed her silken skin to have it appear sun-kissed; the energy moved through her tresses of soft curls adorning her as a sunburst.

Circue du Soleil Her supple form was once more returned to earth by means of his last gift ... Cirque du Soleil, her circle of the sun. Her awakening was of Re kissing her blushed pink lips, and to his parting words that he would be watching over her. Then in a flash of light he returned to his rightful place. Shay continued as she always had, happy and thankful to have been granted reprieve from death.

As time continued on, sadly her cousin Lady War fell victim to many attempts on her life, and the strain upon DragonFyre was so much that it began crumbling. When all was said and done, her clan was gone and apparently so was her cousin. Yet Lady ShayduSoleil ... Shay of the Sun of Cirque du Soleil, looks forward with eternal optimism: her future shining brightly ahead of her, she follows always the path of light.

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