Onyx Dragon

Onyx is the grandson of Shen, the Dragon of Doom. Shen raised him, for Onyx's parents were killed by three unknown attackers before their son was even hatched. Since the Dragon of Doom gave his life force to save the life of his human protégé DragonKnytX, Onyx has served with many clans and organizations, including V&K, the DragonKnyts, and now his own Dragon Pack.

People often think him a stupid child because he is small - standing but two and a half feet high and weighing only 15 pounds - and still has a problem grasping the human language, and blunders on words regularly. But this slim black dragon has a loving heart and a dedication to dragonkind shown by his dream of uniting all dragons against would-be conquerors and oppressors. He is very friendly and tends to cling to those with whom he has associated in the past, especially if they have shown him some kindness or love. On the other hand, he shows a fierce disdain for those who have threatened or attacked him, and does not let grudges die easily.

Onyx Dragon is entirely black save for a blue strip that runs from the top of his head to the tip of his tail, and his blue eyes which shift to red when he is angered or threatened. Striving to be a hero, he is able to breathe both fire and corrosive acid. He has very limited spell-casting abilities, dealing entirely with the elements, and his difficulty with language can cause problems with this, resulting in a blundered spell backfiring or no effect at all. His only phobia is of Smurfs bearing fruit.

"If you not here with Marshmallow and Fishy samwitch, Onyx really not want talk about it."

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