Every five years on October 31st, All Hallows Eve, Les Armies Noir, the heads of Lasombra, gather to decide whether the current outsider is doing his job, which is to hunt garou, spy on other clans, and listen to what his immediate superior says. The 19th Outsider was voted out of his position and murdered for his evil acts. Now among us is the 20th.

A man of mystery, Outsider keeps to himself most of the time (though he spent a short time with the woman known as Spiritez), pursuing his profession and acting as the messenger of Daeus, his superior, and Shdw Master.

At the age of 200, Outsider has long, ghost white hair yet his face is not aged. His left eye is blood red; the right is gone, cut out brutally in a battle against a garou. A black patch hides the empty socket. Quite tall and thin, he wears a long dirty brown cloak covering pure silver chain mail armor. Under the armor he generally dresses in a white polo shirt, black corduroys, and black military boots. At each side Outsider carries two silver encrusted daggers, and he also bears a silver sword with a silver wolf's head at the end of the hilt. His abilities include obtenebration, sword fighting, spying, eavesdropping and Garou hunting.

He is a loner who takes his job seriously. Only a very few know his true name, and he himself is not one of them, for he no longer recalls it. He is Outsider now, and will do whatever it takes to keep the title.

United you stand. Divided you fall.
I guarantee you'll fall.

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