Snow Sparrow

Portrait of Snow Sparrow SnowSparrow was born to Mingeltear Dark Masque in the Pelgar Hills in K'Shenna Vale, the younger of twins; the elder was named BrightStar. Like her mother, she has a golden skin tone which is satiny to the touch. Like her mother and twin, she is Bastet/Pumoca.

She is tall, with hip-length silvery blonde hair that she wears either down, braided at the sides, or up out of her face, especially in battle. Hating to be blinded by her hair, she usually wears a headband called a wire mesh white sparrow. When her hair is loose, she holds it from her face by pinning in it the feathers of MoonWind K'Vala, the father who raised her. Her sapphire blue eyes are framed by thick, dark lashes and winged brows.

SnowSparrow lived with her mother and Aunt Tyres until she was old enough to move to her own ekile as a mage. Then, under the tutelage of WinterStorm, the Clan Leader, she earned her adult name. Being born with high mage possibilities, she became an Adept. An excellent fighter with incredible skills, she is also gifted heavily with Mind Magics. She remained close to her mother, Mingeltear, and to the one she knew as father, MoonWind, though not, sadly, to her twin, BrightStar.

The Forest - View 1One day MoonWind sent SnowSparrow out to "observe" her mother's friends and see what kind of life her mother had made for herself. The next day MoonWind was attacked and killed by six wyrsa in Pelgar Forest. Sparrow herself acquired a long scar up the inner thigh of her right leg at this time. MoonWind died in her arms, and after this, Sparrow left the Vale behind and took up in the forests that surround the small town housing the Wanderer's Inn.

Devoted to her mother, Sparrow will spend days at a time with Mingeltear, talking about things that trouble her. Around others she is level-headed, quiet and unpresuming, and very cautious and shy around strangers. Trained as a Scout, she is used to observing silently, and has the scouting ability to make illogical but accurate leaps at truths or in situations. Yet she also has her own firm convictions about things that nothing will shake - the paramount example being that although she knows Bayne is her biological father, in her mind, MoonWind remains the father to her heart. She cannot understand Bayne's bigotry toward werewolves, being a werecreature herself.

Forest - View 2Formally, Sparrow is an Adept Class Mage/Scout for the Tayledras Clan at K'Shenna Vale. She has a bond bird, a snow white hawk named Mina, whom she treats with loving kindness, using the bond between them to see with the eyes of a hawk. Mina will attack someone who is in melee with Sparrow unless Sparrow orders the bird, by Mind Speech, to stay out of it. Sparrow is also a user of node magic, or living magic, which, over time, changed her naturally blonde hair to silver-blonde. A Node Adept, she helped anchor the Heartstone in the Vale, stabilizing it so that it could not deform natural people and animals in the area. Not surprisingly, she would like to start a White Winds Mage School some day.

Loyalty is deeply engrained in Sparrow's spirit. She can and will fight to the death for a loved one such as her mother, her friend Ravynheart, or indeed any of the Hawk Brothers, whom she counts as family. Slow to anger, she is even slower to cool off once her anger is aroused. She has her own opinions and will not compromise them to appease an ego.

"To live is the Iliad. To do it well is the Odyssey ... so it begins."


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