Over one hundred years ago, the young human Targash, finding he had a Talent, used his magics to dazzle friends and make life easier. When he began to study magic in further detail, he was absorbed by it. His power grew quickly and attracted the attention of some supernatural beings - vampires.

He was 25 when the vampires came to him with their offer of eternal life in return for his services. Having seen how quickly life goes by, Targash accepted and was Embraced. For many years he spent all of his time studying magic and doing his masters' bidding. But he grew so powerful that his masters came to fear him. Targash was locked into a dungeon and required to create magical artifacts during his imprisonment.

As time went by Targash's magics increased, and since he spent time sparring and weight lifting to ease his boredom, so did his size ... and anger boiled up in him at his masters. For many years he worked in secret upon a magical sword for himself, tempering it and focusing his powers into it. When his work was at last complete, one swing of the magical sword sent the door to his dungeon cell flying from its hinges. Bounding up the stairs to the chambers of the one who led his captors, he found the vampire with another captive who was pleading for his life. Targash beheaded his former master with a quick slice of his sword, and he and the captive sped away. The grateful captive offered Targash a reward, and Targash asked if the man could help him escape from so cruel a plane. Thus was Targash sent to this dimension of existence.

Portrait of TargashIn the coldness of his surroundings move creatures that frighten even the most battle ready warrior. His eyes scan over them with curiosity, reading their thoughts and feeling their emotions. Their only wish in life is to kill all that disturb them ... and he has most definitely disturbed them. With a few quick motions he takes out the components for a spell that would surely stop them from moving on him ... but as he casts, one takes a leap at him and knocks him to what seems to be ground as the spell finishes. A light emerges from the dark world, centered only on the two: the beast and Targash. In the eyes of the other beasts, Targash was being ripped apart - but in reality, it was the beast that was torn. Slowly the light overtakes the sight of everything around ... only to die down seconds later. When the light dissipates, all that can be seen is one lone figure standing. The figure is Targash, the beast sucked into him and now a part of him. Moving swiftly with hatred and anger, he strikes at the surrounding creatures time and time again, getting attacked, but not noticing the wounds he is receiving, watching them fall one after the other until the remaining creatures flee. He stands alone ... in the middle of nowhere ... then begins to start chanting a powerful spell, one that would most surely take him from this place ... but then stops. With an odd smile crossing his face, he begins to walk towards more creatures ...

In a blinding flash of light, a portal opens and out from it comes Targash, reborn from the deeps of the astral plane. His soul is now only partially his own ... his eyes show only anger ...

Targash stands 6'4" tall with a heavily muscular build. He has long, straight brown hair and green eyes that can change with his moods. His normal appearance is not much out of the ordinary, but he can change it within moments using magic.

A member of Vampire and Kin, Targash has the normal vampiric abilities such as floating, misting and telepathy. His magics are powerful, currently focusing on energy magic, yet he does not often call upon this power, preferring to use his sword and get in close for the kill. He lists his occupation as mage, and his only goal as "to change the realm to meet his evil standards" ... for his experiences have corrupted him. He blames the realm for "being in his way" and feels he would benefit by killing most people around him.

"Do not tempt me to vanquish what
little life you have left, little peasant."

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