Chaimu Kirishima

The son of Emperor Glidorno Chin and Empress Shinrayka, Chaimu was falsely branded as a traitor amongst the Kirishima Dynasty. Cast out, he lived on his own. In his travelers he met a warrior named Sho Shinjo. Sho took Chaimu on many adventures and trained him in his pursuit to fight for what he called "the greater good." Sho and Chaimu later became brothers and journeyed together.

One unfortunate day, the two were attacked by a pack of harpies and a vampire. Though the harpies were defeated, during the battle Sho was forcibly embraced by the vampire, and became one himself.

Chaimu took off on his own again, trying to outrun the rage that consumed him. He found employment as a martial arts instructor for a time, but upon the sudden death of his employer, he struck out once more on his solitary way.

Then he was attacked and bitten by his old friend Sho. Chaimu feared he himself was about to become a vampire, but Sho returned and explained that while Chaimu now carried some of the blood of vampirism, he was not at present wholly a vampire. Now a terrible thing happens to Chaimu whenever he encounters a vampire: be the vampire good or evil, Chaimu must surrender himself completely and willingly in a battle.

Chaimu's PortraitBecause of these trials, Chaimu appears to be in his late 20s, though he is only 18 in reality. His once cheery disposition has been soured by his experiences, yet still he strives to fight for the greater good - even if that means sacrificing those he cares about. His only companion these days is his buzzard, Firewind. Unhealed upon his throat is the mark of a vampire's bite...

Chaimu, who can speak any ancient language, is an empath with some ability to see into the future, though he never acts as a fortuneteller. He has the power to summon demons and is versed in black magic. His preferred weapons are brass knuckles, which he always wears, and rapier. Yet each time he casts a spell or uses a weapon, he must surrender a small portion of his strength. He must rest after every battle to recover what he has lost, else he will die.

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