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Self-PortraitSolace was born perhaps two millennia ago, in the time of the ancient druids, to a Golden Dragon mother and an Archangel father. As the Romans conquered Britain, Solace's mother was murdered and her father disappeared. The few remaining druids took the young Solace under their care. Fi Mason, leader of the druid group, soon assumed the role of Solace's father figure.

Aging but slowly, Solace appeared to be no more than 14 when she came to the Supernatural Realms. There she made friends, and to her great joy was adopted by the healer Echo. But not long after this her joy turned to great grief, for Echo was driven to her death by the evil schemes of Arthur Deville.

In defending Echo's name, Solace engaged in battle with Arthur, and came tantalizingly close to defeating him. During the fight, her left eye was gouged out. She received in its stead a gift from the druidic gods, a golden sphere which allowed her to see.

This gift, however, turned out not to be without penalty. The sphere opened a gateway allowing the gods to use her.

FalkirkSoon the young Solace found herself with child, entirely by the will of the gods. The baby dragon was named Falkirk. Seers among the druids spoke of his future in guarded terms but with glowing eyes.

As the gods meddled with Solace, she aged more rapidly, to the apparent age of 18. She became deathly ill, then insane, but this passed in time due to the intervention of Samhain, Druidic God of the Dead. He, though seeming a cold and threatening figure, appeared to care more for Solace as a person than did his fellows, who regarded her as an object of destiny.

Samhain, by SolaceEcho was restored to life after a long period of spiritual agony which left her weak and with little memory of anyone save her children.* Solace was able to share with her mother the joyful news that she and Lord Birkin, a son of Tribunal, were engaged to be married.

But at the same time Solace's friend Zoie Tears announced her own engagement to Solace's sworn enemy, Arthur Deville. For her friend's sake Solace considered forgiving Arthur - and for this thought she was beaten to death by the gods.

But again Samhain intervened. He who had created Solace now saved half her soul, and then gave her half his own soul to return her to life. Yet to her never-ending sorrow, she found that she could not love a mortal man completely, and her engagement to Birkin was broken.

Now, as the Feast of Samhain (commonly known as Halloween) approaches, Solace lies sleeping, thin and worn, in the groves of the druids. Her connection with the God of the Dead places her in great peril at this time of year, and no one, not even Samhain himself, knows what will become of her on that night of nights.

In human form, Solace stands 5'5" tall and weighs a scant 97 pounds. Her eyes are hazel, and her shoulder-length light brown hair has highlights of red and gold. She has delicate but sharply shaped features, and always wears a silver ring, bearing 26 rune symbols, on her left thumb. She is known to use runes and speak in broken Latin.

Self PortraitIn dragon form she remains small, only 6'3", and her eyes are unusual, for not only is the left a glowing gold orb, but the right is a bluish-white moonstone. Her dragon scales change color according to her mood. White indicates neutrality, red, anger, blue speaks of sorrow, and orange of excitement. She has sharp talons on her fingers and where her wings bend, and sharp, shark-like teeth with a long black forked tongue.

Solace can emit four types of fire: normal flame; a blue, healing fire; green flame which melts metals and minerals; and deadly black fire. The spikes running along her spine may lie flat or rise. Her green blood acts as acid upon the dead, undead or living, including variations of these. Yet that same blood regenerates and heals Solace's wounds, even severed limbs; only because Arthur cast Black Mantle in perpetuity upon her eye was she unable to heal that injury. Her golden eye now channels the power of all the druic gods, rendering all earth powers and magic useless. She may wield this power as she wishes.

Healer, mother, child and protector, Solace intensely fears abandonment and betrayal. Fiercely loyal herself, the usually peaceful girl will protect her loved ones with reckless passion. Her moods range from silly and happy to depressed and grave. She is very sensitive to the opinions of others and often feels unappreciated.

Among her many friends she counts James and Julie K'tarn, Arylord, Eric Assassin, Armani, Dark Trance, Seduction, Yohko, Miserina, Lucette, Birkin, Khrystian, Kayion and his wife Lyntaria, Sythera, Vles, Angel and a host of others. Echo's sister Marieke, in addition to being Solace's aunt by adoption, is also her sister by loving agreement. Of Echo's other children, she is closest to Dragon Teers, Tommy and Vezhan. She also counts as family her father, Sebastian, Fi Mason, and of course, Samhain.

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