Crookk Ascariot

CrookkCrookk, the son of Judas Ascariot and Emeraude, is three-quarters vampire and a quarter demon. Now 18, he stands 5'10" tall and has a lean, muscular build. He likes to wear oversized sports apparel and designer jeans, with the occasional preppy style of polo shirt. All his clothes are oversized to the point where they are almost falling off him.

He has a 6-pointed star centered around his belly button to signify his father's Jewish heritage. His father's face is tattooed on the right side of his chest; under the face appears the name "Judas" and below that, in a banner, the words "A$cariot Eternal. Crookk wears a hoop earring in his right ear on occasion and has many other items of jewelry.

His eyes are unusual: The irises are black, and one pupil is blackish green, the other blue-black.

His living family now consists of his mother Emeraude and his twin brother Zarel, but being the leader now of the A$cariot Syndicate, he counts the entire Garramonde Familia as his close allies.


Crookk stayed at home being schooled and trained by Judas until his father's death. Then Daeus Garramonde stepped in and sent the young Crookk to ShdwMaster, Daeus' own father, for additional training. Now he returned to the Supernatural Realms and is attempting to pick up where his father left off.

Now a psionics master, Crookk was bio-engineered from the time of his birth until his father's death. He can use elemental magic and open small portals.

He fears only becoming what he hates, and hopes one day to be the most powerful man he knows, happy, with no more problems than the average guy. Crookk is somewhat indifferent to the feelings of others, especially prone to disregard those of anyone he doesn't care for. At the same time, he honestly believes himself flawless and unique with the single exception, understandably, of his twin brother.  He closed the interview by saying, "I'm the man who will be running things:  Either you roll with me or I'll roll right over you!"

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