Auburn hair cascades in waves to Rose's hips, and she has eyes of Rainbow, changing with her moods, each color a distinct sign of a different emotion. Barely topping five feet tall, she is yet possessed of generous curves and classic beauty, with a complexion of peach and ivory, perfectly complementing her hair. Her blue blood is of pure light, for though her father was mortal, her mother is a being of light.


Lady Rose's history is the story of two little girls who were born to a king and queen, in a land flowing with milk of honey - Deliumcenesis. It is also the story of a prophecy fulfilled, of light turned to darkness, an of a lifetime of loyalty.

The queen's only attendant at the birth of her daughters was the prophetess White Shadow, who had then a vision of the future: The family would have a great tragedy if steps were not taken at once to prevent it. White Shadow persuaded the queen to give her the younger daughter, to raise as her own. Not even the king himself was to know of his second daughter's existence.

At the christening of the elder Princess, Chantaclair Rose, the Prophetess spoke publicly in dire words: "Once, twice, thrice, escape from death will suffice - but if the fourth comes, the Princess will succumb."

In the years that followed, a son was born to the royal couple, while the hidden younger daughter, Enya Rose, was raised by the Prophetess and taught that her role in life was to protect the Princess. Although Prince Gyddean and his elder sister passed many happy moments in the sun, as they grew there became an evident difference in their choices: where the Princess would choose the light, the Prince would choose the shadow. But the Princess doted on her brother, and always covered his mistakes, while Enya Rose followed her sister in the shadows, watching, keeping the Princess from harm's way. Enya's love for Chantaclair Rose grew with each passing service. And only once during her childhood was Chantaclair Rose's life truly endangered - once, of the prophesied three she could escape.

As the Prince grew in stature and power, he grew more and more aloof. At last greed and thirst for power gained hold over his soul, and it became known throughout the land that Gyddean was vying for the Kingdom.

Several unsuccessful attempts had already been made on the King's life on the day everything came to a head. The Princess was traveling a well-known path, her father the King but a short distance behind her, when Gyddean lunged from the shadows at his sister, a dagger in his hand. The King drew his sword ready to slay his own son to protect his daughter's life. Chantaclair Rose couldn't let that happen: as swiftly as the thought passed through her mind that this evil Prince was yet her brother, she stepped between father and son. Her only reward, though, was a slash that cut her arm open from shoulder to fingertips.

As Chantaclair Rose fell to the ground bleeding, Gyddean lunged at his father, and this time hit the mark. The King crumpled to the ground with the dagger in his chest.

The Prince left them for dead, but now the younger sister's destiny was fulfilled. Enya Rose came out of the shadows which were her cloak and ministered to King and Princess. As she pulled the dagger from the King's chest, she closed the wound with her own skirts. Then, as the material touched the wound, his mortality slipped away, and he was transformed into a golden hawk ... to remain as such until the light returned.


Today Lady Chantaclair Rose Darkfall is the Proprietor of Rosefall/Medieval Times. Still rooted in the 17th century, these edifices have no running water or electricity, of course. Here are sheltered many guests and friends, for one of Rose's goals is to make others feel at home, and important.

Lady Rose is implicitly honest and completely graceful. Her existence is from the light, and her personality exudes that quality. She returns kindness for hate and grace for ugliness. Her ability to love and to accept unquestioningly others' difficulties and flaws sets her apart from most. She is willing to listen to all, even the most evil, so long as they are coherent and willing to speak in a respectful manner. She has, however, little tolerance for the inane, or for those who have no desire to listen as well as speak.

Her family is the family of Delium; her friends are those of the Light, and the Mages of the Magic Guild, and all who offer respect.

She is married to Mabon Darkfall. Their sons are Davey, Stefen, Dhavith, and a newborn infant, plus an adopted son, Timmy, who is five. Their daughter's name is M'Hailerva, called Haile, and they also have an adopted daughter, Kallynirea.


Chantaclair Rose is a being of light. As such, at her command is anything to do with drawing upon light as a power source. She can transform into a point of light when in danger or weakened, and can travel through the realm of light by portals opened by her will. She is both Cleric and Archmage, and Guildmaster of the Magic Guild. She is empowered to perform marriages and process other legal actions. Most frequently used abilities are those of Healing (though she may heal only with the wounded's permission) and her power to calm even the most raging evil. She is not an aggressive soul, and will usually search for words to waylay an altercation rather than resort to magic and inflicting light wounds.

Her greatest power is that of love: Turning enemies into friends.


The campaign is set in the late 1700s in a fanciful, symbolic Trianth of Kingdoms. The three Kingdoms are varied and rich in history, based upon the traditional values of Light, Dark and Balance. Deliumcenesis is the Kingdom of Light, Vescule the Kingdom of Darkness, and Trianthemina the Kingdom of Balance.

The beginning of the story rests in the tale of a simple woodcutter and his choices, found in a note called "Sorceress." This led on through the creation of the three kingdoms and the fate of those that followed in the family line of the woodcutter, Elian Centurious.

The next section covered the experiences of his son Vescule and grandson Tabor Centurious, who founded the Kingdom of Trianthemina. Next was told of the second son, Stefen Delium, and the founding of Deliumcenesis. Following this came a short history in the life of Stefen's son, Roberus Rose Delium, and his children. The most recent note is a synopsis of the Delium War and the searching for balance, including an up-to-the-moment "where we are now."

A note from Lady Chantaclair Rose Darkfall

I have received numerous requests to join the campaign, some from those who wish their current characters to be meshed into the storyline, others from people willing to take an existing character sketch and "flesh it out," still others from those who wish to create a new character on their own to fit in where there is a "hole." I am happy to accommodate those who wish large parts, and those who wish just a bit part here and there; also those who enjoy roleplaying on the Bulletin Board (which is going quite well), as well as those who mainly enjoy the Free Form roleplay. If there are disputes, I am the laww. Rose smiles softly... In saying that, I hope that my actions shall be just and understood to be in the best interests of all.

The notes are usually on the Pseudo BB, Vampire Pub Topic: Chantaclair's Parlor. I am also putting the story in book form.

So here, then, has been a partial history of a two-year campaign. As always, if you are interested or need more, feel free to e-mail me -- or to stop by and enjoy.


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