Devil Hunter Yohko

At the time of the construction of the world, great evils manifested themselves beneath the bowels of the Earth. More or less in their true form these evils were given a name: Devils. These creatures possessed great powers and were bent upon the destruction of animal and mankind alike. Something had to be done, or else all forms of life would cease to exist.

It was decided between the greater entities of our world that a warrior be made to protect the lesser beings from these Devils and thwart their attacks on life. These fighters, since the beginning, have been women. Thus the first Devil Hunter was conceived.

For one hundred and seven generations these warriors lived by a code of honor, to help those in need and rid this world of devils. Before each Devil Hunter met with her death, another had already been chosen and stood next in line to gain the title.

One hundred and eight generations later, the successor to this line was a vivacious teenager with a love for life - Yohko Mano.

In her early years of life, Yohko was trained by her grandmother, a Devil Hunter herself. During the course of her life Yohko met with many enigmatic characters, one of them being her future Sire.

Upon one visit to the Tavern, she met a vampire by the name of Viper. Immediately she was intrigued by him. His manner of life and overall interest in her persuaded her to become his recruit in the clan known as Vampire and Kin. As a recruit she felt accepted and believed she had found the continuation of her path in life. After her bloodscarring, she was Embraced into the world of the undead by Viper, who had become a close friend and confidant.


During this time, Yohko had fallen in love with another member of the Vampire and Kin, one known as VAnglDemonV. The two were very much in love and had plans to marry until Angl's unstablness in the relationship began to show. After several attempts to save it, they decided that this love affair was indeed over.

The time following this breakup was difficult for Yohko.  She spent much of her time moaning about, just trying to get her life back in perspective. Later she became romantically involved with another V&K member, Ice Demon. This relationship helped to numb the pain that had stayed with her after her breakup with Angl. Yohko and Ice also planned to marry, but before they got close to the altar, Yohko found she was pregnant. Some time later she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl. The boy died only a few days later, but the girl, named Reverie, hung onto the delicate strands of her life.

In the time following Reverie's birth many changes occurred in Yohko's life. She and Ice Demon agreed to a mutual breakup, and she and her daughter were stripped of their V&K membership. At this point Yohko turned to her friend Thor, King of the Üprising, who immediately offered her and Reverie a place in his clan. Yohko, who was also close friends with the Üprising Queen, Lady Melomoon, was soon initiated into the Üprising, where she still resides to this day, bearing the name of uDvHtrYohkou.

Yohko experienced several failed attempts at a relationship with Lord Cyano and later had one relationship with a man by the name of Leopold. Both relationships went sour. Still later she had hopes of closeness with Magnus, but this, too, failed. Yohko's hopes of falling in love were dying, though she clung to life for her Clan and her child.

Most recently Yohko was very much in love with NbKiller. This had originally begun as a friendship. Nb left the realm for a short time and gave Yohko his ring, which was a source of power for the Arenki Overlord. Upon his return, Yohko attempted to return the ring to him, but was denied, for Nb believed that the ring belonged with her, and the ring still adorns her right hand. Sadly, Nb and Yohko were together for only a brief time, for Nb met his death during a fight. Once again the life of Yohko was crumbling. She buried Nb, only to realize that she could never love another.

To this day Yohko maintains her desire to live without searching for love. She often visits the tomb where her beloved sleeps, reminiscing on times of the past. In her own words she describes the extent of her love for NbKiller: "Believe me, you are my true life and my true love, and everything that is best in me belongs to you. Be our affections unchanged, and if our little history is to last beyond the grave, be the longest chapter in which shall record their purity, warmth and devotion."

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