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Imagine a young man, average height, of unknown race ... a quiet person, with no friends but also no enemies.

One day this young man, walking through a meadow, is taken prisoner by a crazed group of people.  They impale him on a metal pole, then roast him alive over a bonfire ... yet he does not die.  His skin blackens, his mind sickens ... but he does not die.  And his captors leave him there until they become bored with his screams, and release him ...

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Thus is a monster created ...

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Now 25 but looking several hundred years old, hairless, the mad Sanguine moves among us with a hideous, sickening crackling sound - the sound of his forever-burned skin moving.  He is obsessed with blood, pain, torture and death.   Living in a home he calls The Sanguinarium, he snacks on the corpses of cats and small dogs within bloodstained walls, sleeps on bloodstained sheets, even bathes in blood.   The pictures upon the Sanguinarium's walls are too horrible to be described.

His teeth are fangs, with green, rotting flesh between them.   With these he prefers to eat his prey alive, and slowly ... causing the prey as much pain as possible before it dies.  Torture is an amusement to him; causing agony a great pleasure ...

He reveals none of his limitations, and few of his powers.  All that is known is that he frequently spits acid; carries two jagged daggers; can null elemental powers with his mind; and can absorb fire.

And nothing pleases him more than the feel of blood spurting between his teeth.

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