Roxy DeVile

Her name is Roxy. Her alias is Bitch. She's five foot nine, and says of her weight, "Ask me, if you like pain."

She looks to be 29, but no one knows for sure. Her brown hair is shoulder-length and slightly wavy. One eye is blue, the other violet, a DeVile family trait.

She is a demoness.

The DeViles were a family of cultured demons, almost a cult where all the members were related. Roxy was born to Xavier and Jenna DeVile in Castle Terrol. She was tutored from the moment she could understand speech as a demoness and in fighting, as well as in the arts and history, etc., by her father and his brother, Terrol DeVile VIII.

When Roxy was 15, her family took in a young Irish girl of the same age, by the name of Onyx Rose. Onyx was a beauty to be sure, but very uneducated. The two girls became fast friends, and were both tutored by Roxy's father and uncle. Roxy and Onyx learned to fight proficiently from their uncle, and became cultured and intelligent young ladies. Everything was fine until one fateful night when the young women were about 17.

Roxy had gone to town to gather supplies for a ceremony that was to take place later in the week. When she returned after two days' absence, she found her father, uncle, and the other family members all slaughtered. Roxy searched the castle but failed to find a single living soul remaining ... nor could she even find the body of her dear friend Onyx.

Fearing Onyx had been captured or had fled for her life, Roxy went in search of her. It only took her a few hours to find Onyx in a forest spot where the two had often played. Onyx was huddled in a ball by a large oak, her nightbown covered in blood, a bloody sword lying beside her. Tears were streaming down her face.

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When Roxy pressed her for details of what had happened, Onyx burst out with a story of how Roxy's Uncle Terrol had raped her by the nearby lake. When she told the story to the other DeViles, she said, they threatened to cast her out to the dogs for her lies. In Rage, Onyx said, she attacked Terrol and was drawn into a fight when the family came to his defense. Having been trained to mastery already by Terrol, and having quickly killed him, she felled the rest of the family one by one.

The confession enraged Roxy. Surely Onyx had made up this story, and had killed the family for reasons of her own. Her kind uncle could not possibly have raped this waif of a girl!

A battle between the girls ensued, but Onyx and Roxy were equals in combat, and Onyx managed to wound Roxy and flee.

From that moment on, Roxy made it her life's mission to avenge her family, and has sought Onyx (who was later Embraced and made a vampire) through name changes and moves, finally catching up with her here in these realms.

Roxy can turn into a mist form, in which she may heal herself and move about. In this form she can neither do harm nor be harmed. She has the ability to change shape to any feline of her choice, though is then limited to the physical abilities of that race, and cannot mist while in that form. She must first revert to her normal form, then mist, these changes taking a few moments to complete. She also possesses limited telepathic abilities.

Rarely would you find Roxy without her katana and one or two concealed daggers or poisoned darts. Her normal dress consists of a white button-front men's dress shirt, tucked neatly into a pair of black tight-fitting pants, with a long and heavy black cloak. Once or twice (on the very rare occasion anyone should catch her during DeVile family ceremonies or rituals of her race) she might be seen in a long, flowing black gown that seems to emit an eerie glow all its own.

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Whatever else she wears, she always has upon her person a silver ring with two hands clasping a heart, and a small vial of some strange crimson liquid with a silver strand weaved around it, hanging from a silver necklace. For reasons all her own, these are her most prized possessions.

Now living as a mercenary/assassin, Roxy's only goal is to restore honor to her family name while avenging the family's deaths. She is nearly obsessed with this goal. She seems to have no conscience when it comes to others' emotions. She has mentally terrorized innocents for her own amusement, and is ruthless in her torment when the result will move her toward her goal. Indeed, if she sees a way to further her life's goal, it is extremely hard for her not to take the opportunity, which can lead her into life-threatening situations.

She seems to have an uncanny ability to get under someone's skin, or to manipulate what others think of her. She cares little for the fates of others as the result of her own actions. In fact, as she is the last of her family, she seems not to give a damn about anyone ... save one person ...

For Roxy has recently, she says, made the "mistake" of falling in love with Dark Fire. It is in her nature to be fiercely loyal, and so to protect him she might go so far as to take leave of her senses or even turn aside from her otherwise compelling goal.


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