... is perhaps better known by his alias of

Baron VonGamma's history is shrouded in a vague remembrance of his own life, as his memory is not what it used to be.  His lifetime, though not as long as many, is long enough to have taken a toll on his recollection of many things, including the occasional forgetting of a mission ... or an enemy.

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Baron VonGamma was a long-removed part of the English Royal Family, obscured for many years due to being the hybrid result of a heavily guarded secret affair between the English Queen and a German Prince.

When of age, Fritz felt the call of adventure bite into his soul, and he left the sanctity of the home he had known so long to wander the world in search of fame, fortune, and perhaps love.  In the course of these travels, he came upon a woman and eventually succumbed to her seductions.  But the true nature of this woman was unknown to him, and he fell victim to the curse of Lycanthropy in a terrible skirmish on a beautiful moonlit night.  The resulting wounds put his loved one to death, and started him on a life of horrific transformations and bloodthirsty hunts.

Today, Gamma is a fairly contained person, though with a tendency to be unnecessarily threatening to the Garou who frequent the Taverns and Inns.  He obsessively flicks a silver hoop earring in his left ear, and walks with a slight limp thanks to Lethal Wolf and Silk Wolf (now Silver Bane).  His left calf, from that encounter, is horribly scarred.  He is always seen with a pair of heavy steel gauntlets with 12" steel claws hanging from his belt.  Fritz loves a good chat or haggling of threats, and is inclined to make innuendos about Garou and chew toys or even fleas.

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ishi4.gif (29402 bytes)In homid form, he looks to be around 40 years old, though his true age is close to 175.  He is a large-boned and muscular man, with keen grey eyes and a shaved head.  In the form of a wolf, he is coal black.

Gamma Wolf is an agent of the Wyrm, dedicated to the destruction of Gaia and the annihilation of as many Garou as possible.  His only allies are Wyrm and Wyrm's consorts and children.

Gamma is immensely strong and agile, despite his tendency to limp, favoring the left leg.  Through his travels and killing of Garou, he learned a way to tap into their very being and reinforce his soul with theirs.  After doing this for sufficient time, he learned that through building up his own soul and aura, he could use it all to his advantage to manipulate objects, protect himself, and even use his soul as a weapon.  As a Lycanthrope, any wound dealt to him will be nearly immediately healed, unless the wound be made by silver.  A silvered wound will heal at a normal Human rate, unless the object that created the wound were left behind.  This means that if shot through the heart with a silver bullet, he would die as a normal man.  But if the bullet were removed from his body while it was still "fresh," it would be possible for him to regenerate and once again walk the earth, scarred but alive.

While strong in his own right, Baron Fitzgerald VonGamma is forgetful, and as such is often open to unexpected attack.  He has a tendency to "over-threaten" people and get into savage six-on-one brawls ... which was the kind of situation that led to his acquiring the limp.

His only fear, he says, is of the taste of sour cream.

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