Magus was born into a wealthy and snobbish family.  Both he and his sister grew up to despise this way of life, and they drifted away from their parents.  When his sister was killed in battle, despite his attempts to save her, Magus lost hope in the world of his birth, and came to these Realms.

At that time, he had dreams of ruling the Realms ... of forming a force that would conquer all.  As he has matured, and the Realms expanded, his dreams have changed, until now his goal is to try to rid his new home of the infestation of fools ... not necessarily by force.  He used to fight often, but now has drifted away from battle, preferring to use intelligence rather than his blade.

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A Mystic of Medina, Magus (also known as zBlackMagus) is 35, of medium build, standing six feet tall.  His hair is an odd blue-purple color, similar to the color of his eyes; he wears his hair long, so that it often hangs in his face annoyingly.   He is most often seen wearing a dark purple cape draped over his back, and brown leather gloves and boots.  On his throat is a scar, a grim reminder of a friendly spar gone wrong.

He is, these days, a fairly calm and collected person, but bleak and cold, rarely showing or feeling emotion.  He sometimes suffers from paranoia.

He loves to use sarcasm and irony, which is perhaps not surprising when one learns he is an avatar of Dark Phoenix.

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Magus is skilled in many magical areas, though his powers center mostly on Shadow Magick.  Darkness comforts and seems to embrace Magus, and thus he spends a lot of time within the shadows, making this his natural art.


magus2.gif (28788 bytes) He is also skilled in the use of a scythe as a weapon, though he rarely uses it.

In battle Magus often grows egotistical and fails to concentrate properly on the enemy.  This, and underestimating his opponents, will often lead him into trouble.

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