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He is also known as Black Arthur, Dr. Static, Lord Deville and Doc Arthur.  Although he appears to be about 29, he is actually 1,724 years old. He is prone to frenzy, and subject to mood swings and twitching.  He lists his occupation as Dark Cleric/Necromancer; his goals as to collect 75 eyes from those who cross him and to establish the Order of Ma'Tarr; and his phobias as losing his head, having his body desecrated after death, and being hugged.

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Arthur has been described as "too unpredictable" and "incredibly random" due to the fact he is very ruled by sudden, uncontrollable mood swings.  His mood swings range from being intimate with a person one minute, then suddenly walking out of the room and disappearing, only to return later with no explanation other than, "Just felt like it."  He can be seen one minute getting along with a stranger, then three minutes later finishing the disposal of said stranger's body.  Also, he is known for being quite cruel when certain emotions arise. Normally, Arthur is very loyal to friends, yet he claims no honor or allegiance to anyone these days after having left the Kin.

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Arthur is a necromantically created vampire. As seen at left, he wears jaw-length blond hair, dyed on occasion. His eyes are black or glowing green with a black haze. He stands 6'2" tall and weighs in at 265 pounds or more, and his medium build is well-muscled. He is pale-skinned, sometimes sickly in appearance. Observers also note his unusual pinkish-grey lips and the small, sickle-shaped scar on his left forearm.

Abnormalities from the typical human/vampire include actual black irises of eyes, a totally altered skeletal frame transformed from living bone to high grade titanium, contributing much of his weight, and four-inch titanium claws that extend from his fingertips.

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He typically wears light armor plated black leather pants, savagely spiked shin guards, metallic leather combat boots, a chain mail shirt, some black vinyl gloves with velvet interior, the Exodus Gauntlet, a spiked collar, some spiked bracelets, a Holy symbol of the Order of Volani Ma'Tarr the Defiler, two silver hoop earrings, a length of chain around his waist as a belt, and his trademark bloodstained white lab jacket. On occasion he can be seen wearing a Mickey Mouse watch.

Typically Arthur fights with the Black Scythe of the Ma'Tarr Order, twin chrome plated berettas, daggers, sickles, and some rather bloody magic.

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Black Arthur is ArchBishop General of the Order of Volani Ma'Tarr the Defiler.  He lists his friends and allies as Viper, Ice Demon, Judas, Daeus, Josh, Tears, Starr, Kiss, Detus, Toris, Farithan, Lydia, Sailor Moon, Silk Wolfe, Wolfen, and probably quite a few left unlisted.  His only surviving family is a daughter, one Sara Deville, missing for quite some time; as of this writing, he is engaged to Lady Tears.

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Coming from a dimension torn into two warring factions in a Holy War that spanned an entire planet and slipped into neighboring dimensions, Arthur Deville originally came to this world while escaping some rather unsavory persons. Having arrived in the area, he elected to scout the surrounding environs for anything of interest. When the time came to leave, he returned to his home world and decided it was time to make a use of himself, and in turn joined the ranks of the followers of the most heinous deity of his home world, the ranks of Volani Ma'Tarr and his Order. Upon reaching the status of ArchBishop in the Order of Volani Ma'Tarr the Defiler on his home world, Arthur was sent back to the world he had so long ago arrived in when escaping the previously-mentioned individuals.

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Throughout his time in the realms he has done much.  For the majority of his tenure he has been in the ranks of Vampire and Kin, which he has left recently though due to some ... misunderstandings.  He is one of the few remaining today who can say they fought alongside WolfeLord, Thallis, Pierce Tan, and many other incredible individuals who have long since disappeared.

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Static as an incredible affinity with the elemental division of lightning, so much that any lightning or electrically based attack will prove totally ineffective to him, and will actually make him stronger.  He was granted the ability to manipulate the Earth to an extent from a greater demon, in return for caring for the demon's son during his stay in the realms.  He also has the innate ability to teleport at amazing speed and create minute portals with little more than gestures and words.

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Aside from those more "exotic" powers, he has the typical abilities of a vampire, such as Celerity, the ability to transform into other forms such as wolves, rats, bats and shadows, and his preferred form of a small black kitten.   As a Dark Cleric and Necromancer he is able to cast spells of a magical nature, which he must study for daily in order to use, and can also tap into his Deity with prayers for effects and other such manipulations.

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Arthur is highly subject to Spell Drain after having cast a true magical spell (excluding Clerical prayers); he may start to bleed from the nose and eyes, cough up blood, twitch, suddenly bruise for no apparent reason, and in extreme cases go totally unconscious.  He has no special wardings against flame, ice, wind and earth-based maneuvers, aside from the division of wind, lightning, and his own abilities to manipulate the earth element.

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Having granted us this information, he adds:

"While this information may prove to be of value to any enemy I might have, keep in mind:  Powers do not equal Experience, and I have been here for a long time.  Find a weakness in me, try to exploit it ... but don't cry when I surprise you ... and crush you."

---Arthur Deville                 

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