D'mitri Cyano Noble Garramonde


On a snowy winter's night D'mitri, son of Daeus Garramonde, came from the womb of his mother Arella. What happened to Arella then he has only recently learned from his Aunt Mircea, and he speaks of it little, saying only that his mother is dead.

His father Daeus raised the boy to the age of seven, then sent him to his own father, ShdwMaster, to learn magic. When this phase of his training ended, he was sent to the Man-God Athas to learn psionic powers. Finally he returned home, where Daeus began teaching him the mystical art of sword fighting known as Sword Tech and the Lasombra powers of Obtenebration. D'mitri is still studying these, and continues to educate himself in psionics and magic.


Now 20 and just over six feet tall, D'mitri has shaggy brown hair and brown eyes which look human, though in fact he is a mixture of elemental daemon, Lasombra vampyre and human. His skin is tanned dark "from the time he spends on the beach scoping out chicks," he says. He is generally to be seen wearing a white t-shirt with tan khakis or black corduroys. Often black chain mail covers the t-shirt.

D'mitri is something of a loner; when he visits the Supernatural public houses he tends to spend his time practicing his fighting abilities on the wall, his personal sparring dummy. His best friend, he says, is his sword Ragnarok. Second in command of the Garramonde Familia, D'mitri says his goal is to become as great a fighter as the Garramonde name stands for.

At this time, D'mitri knows intermediate psionics and magic, basic swordtechs and first level Obtenebration. He also has immunities, since he is part daemon. His various vampire powers are weak at this time. As to fears or limitations, he will only say, "That is for me to know, and for you never to find out."


D'mitri's family includes his father, Daeus; Jakkal Garramonde, his cousin; his Aunt Mircea; his stepmother Sindall; ShdwMaster, his grandfather; and his cousin Seduction along with her sons Talon and Shane. In spite of keeping to himself much of the time, he likes women, parties, fighting, and all-around fun. He is carefree, yet can be serious when the time comes. He's a very sweet young man when you get to know him.

"When you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you."

--Friedrich Nietzsche


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