Lord Sids
 Sir Leland
Lord Sids was created by God, the only, as an angel of severity, meaning for those to be punished. It was the idea on which hell was somewhat created. Sids was not an angel, really. He was the original vampire, created to punish and get rid of evil that disgraced earth and heaven. He was known as a natural vampire, one who is not created through embracing but by creating offspring like humans and others do.

The Lord was sick of the emptiness that the humans on earth were creating. He sent Lord Sids down to rid the land of the impurity. He ruled in the Supernatural realm for a long time, creating beauty and peace within the realm. But Sids made a mistake in embracing a young woman, one who was to take over the realm after his departure. He left earth after his mission was complete and waited in heaven for his next mission.

While in heaven, the Lord created a son for Sids, and named him Soothsayer for his ability to be able to see into the future. Meanwhile, on earth, havoc overtook the Supernatural Realm. Vampires were being embraced left and right, totally immoral.

Soothsayer was now sent to earth with the mission of creating an army of believers to destroy the embraced vampires, who fed on the innocent instead of the guilty. He became involved with one embraced vampire named Jami Mox, rid her of her curse, and married her. They had a daughter, a natural vampire, supposed to join the ranks to help the fight. She was tied between the bonds of her father and the beliefs of her mother.

It is customary for the grandparent of a born vampire give his blood in exchange for the life of the new child. Sids came down from heaven once again to provide for this custom. He died as a result, which is common, and retired to heaven.

As the war was about to progress and be won, Soothsayer, his daughter, and his pregnant wife Jami Mox were killed by forces from Avalon, led by Lord Oberaun. Sids begged the Lord to let him get revenge for these deaths. He agreed, and Lord Sids was allowed back to earth.

Lord Sids created an army to destroy Lord Oberaun's forces. The army was small and weak, while Avalon's forces were very strong. One man in the Avalon Army was Sir Leland, a dedicated knight, with all you could want for a fighter.

Sids approached him and told him of what Oberaun had done. Since Jami Mox had been Leland's sister, Leland became horrified upon hearing this, that they killed the innocent and his sister. Leland posed as a spy for the army.

The war was a horrible one. The anti-Avalon army was victorious, but suffered many deaths. Sids killed Lord Oberuan; he decapitated him and stuck his head near the place of his son's death. Lord Sids thanked Leland and went back to heaven.

Leland roamed the world looking for work, and could find none. He married a woman named Jeanne, who was killed by a slave owner. He now looks for this killer to get revenge...

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