Today Kayion is but a shadow, an unknown, nearly forgotten. But years ago his name was known by many, and his standing was high in the realms of the supernatural.

The exact date of his birth is unknown, even to himself. At his birth his mother, Sadira, enchanted him to grow up faster, so that he soon took on the likeness of a toddler, then a ten-year-old. When he reached this apparent age, he was given over as an adopted son to Athdara McKechnie. His father, Zanith, was still referred to as "Dad," because Ath had no husband. Zanith was upset with Sadira for giving away their first child, but he eventually forgave her. A few months later, Kayion had matured into adulthood.

A dream-like forestDuring the time he was growing up, from the age of one year (in appearance, at least), Kay spent most of his time in a nether-realm, where he was cared for by several elementals and sprites, magical creatures of all types. Here he learned speech, both common and sophisticated, impeccable manners, the intricacies of combat, military strategy, art, horsemanship, rudimentary healing, and scholarly abilities such as reading and writing. But most of all he learned to identify and control his immense magical talent. Spells were drilled into his brain along with his other subjects, leaving the boy little time for play. He was an apt student, however, and soon his abilities rivaled even his those of his mother and father.

During his time in that other realm, a brother and sister were born to his natural parents. They were twins named Sebastion and Mariko, the latter named for NeonSamurai's mother. Soon they, too, joined Kayion in the other world.

By this time Kayion, who had grown into a fine young man, had developed the ability to enter and leave that nether-realm at will and was exploring the worlds of his birth. He was captivated by the number of people he found there, and soon spent most of his time there in various animalistic forms (his favorite being that of a black panther), returning to the "schooling area" only occasionally to hone his skills and teach his siblings.

In his wanderings he met a captivating young woman by the name of Dark Mystery. She was a vampire, and soon he asked her if she would give him the Dark Gift, being extremely curious and also wishing to gain her favor. She was reluctant and declined at first, telling him he would hate it and her for it, but in the end she relented and Embraced him at age 23. The change was painful, and the differences in him were profound. In the time he was learning to harness his new powers, he seemed to mature greatly. He was able to withstand great amounts of pain, he could move incredibly fast, and had gained strength ... but an unsatiable hunger burned within him always.

After a while, as he adjusted to his new life and had resolved things with his mother, Athdara, who had objected violently to his Embracing and threatened to disown him, his Sire introduced him to a young lady wishing as well to have the Gift. Mystery allowed him the honor of crossing her over. The woman's name was Catia Javan, and she became Kay's first child.

Later in his life, Kayion met a gypsy woman and fell head over heels for her. Certain circumstances, unknown to almost everyone, even some involved, turned their relationship sour. Kayion staged his own death, sinking in to Torpor by the hands of his uncle Vesic to escape. He later returned, fully healed, to find conditions even worse than before. The vengeful woman burned down his tavern. In time it was rebuilt, with much time and labor.

After things had calmed down again, Kayion began to extend his travels down to the Supernatural realm, where he met many friends, including Echo and FallenStarr, now considered his closest, and perhaps only friends.

In one return visit to the Para-Dice Inn, which he had frequented before, Kayion met a beautiful mortal artist, known as Lyntaria. He did not notice her watching him, nor did he see her begin to sketch him as he stood by the door, and he left again quickly, searching for anything of interest. Minutes later, a telepathic message touched his mind from the young woman, saying that if he had not wished his portrait drawn, then he should have said so.

He apologized, saying that he had not seen her, and returned so she could finish the work. As he watched her draw, he felt drawn to her. When she finished and offered him the picture, he smiled and then informed her that he had to leave, and hoped he could see her again. They met again a few days later, and in time fell in love.

The hunger inside him could not be hidden, and soon he fed from her. The times shortly afterwards were rough, and it seemed a host of other vampires had taken a liking to her and wanted her as their own.

Rather than be embraced by one she hated, and thinking to save Kayion from his rivals' death threats, Lyntaria attempted to kill herself, and to save her existence, Kayion Embraced her. He taught her the ways of a vampire and kept her as safe as he could. Things continued on for a while, with him joining the WolfePack, and then Kay finally worked up enough courage to ask Lyn to marry him. He used an engagement ring that had been fashioned many years ago, before his birth, by his father Zanith.

The ring bound the two wearers' souls together, using the power of one to keep the other alive. Unless the ring could be removed, which was only possible by either removing the limb it was kept on or by the agreement of both parties, the two lovers could not be killed. The only other way they could die while wearing that ring was if both souls took an incredible draining and couldn't support either themselves or their love.

Lyn accepted his proposal happily, and the two arranged a wedding date. The ceremony was to be performed by Viper, and was destined to be quite interesting.

During the ceremony, Viper (with assistance from Static) removed both lovers' hearts. He split them in half, melding half of Kay's to Lyn's, and half of Lyn's to Kay's, and then replaced the organs into their chests. If either thought of breaking their marriage vows, they would die. He also tattooed each of their foreheads, a lavender right side up moon for Lyn, and a silver upside down moon for Kay. A white streak down the center of the two lovers' hair completed the joining. Viper pronounced them man and wife. There was much humor thereafter about these white stripes, for Kayion's new nickname was Pepe, after Pepe le Pew, while Lyn's was Stripe after the Gremlin.

For a while before this, Lyn's dreams had been haunted by a small, beautiful girl, which she later realized was the soul of her unborn child from her and Kay's first coupling. A soul-stealer attacked Lyn, trying to take the young child's soul, but with the help of Echo, Starr, Dragon Teers, and several others, they got her back.

Lyn gave birth several months later to a wonderful young girl named Sathara, in honor of Sadira and Athdara, Kay's two mothers.

During this time Kay acquired three tattoos: A golden eagle spread across his back, a serpent entwined about his right arm, and a dagger on his left arm. These tattoos came from somewhere in another realm, and were drawn and enchanted by "Them" ...

Shortly after that, Exodus returned, wrecking havoc everywhere. He killed and stole souls, and soon Kayion challenged him to the Arena. The fight was long and tedious, ending with Kay "dying," then being brought back by his ring. Exodus raged, and the fight was cancelled after Kay slipped into another dimension to avoid an anti-matter attack, with Exo swearing revenge and calling Kayion a coward, threatening to kill all of his loved ones.

It was a revenge never acted upon, for Ice Demon disposed of Exodus. More time passed, with several encounters with Nazareth, and other, mundane things. Wyrm marked Kayion on the right shoulder in the middle of the night, catching him unawares. Raksasha defeated Wyrm in battle, killing Kayion and many others at the same time.

The once strong Kayion Ravagard was nothing more than a soul floating in the void of the Umbra, his body in Raksasha's laboratory, his ring finger missing. A constant drain was upon him, sucking out his strength, and yet the soul ring still functioned, and he was kept alive by the power of his wife. Wyrm made a deal with Echo, saying that if he could have interaction with her first child by Blood Demon, he would release Kayion and allow him into the world again. She and Blood agreed.

Now, Kay is wandering around, searching for his wife and child. He is weakened immensely, but he is alive.

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