AGE: Several thousand years
HEIGHT: Over six and a half feet
BUILD: Broad shouldered, strong, muscular body
EYES: Red, no pupils
RACE: Fire Demon
GOALS: None in particular

His face is mammalian and handsome in that form, but it can elongate into a dangerous reptilian snout with vicious teeth. Five horns grow down the center of his skull. His skin is a scaled, armored red. He has large, leathery wings and retractable talons. His tail is sharply pointed and can be used as a weapon, or to transfer blood between himself and another.

Blood Demon was born in one of the hotter parts of Hell (a twisted version of hell, more like an alternate Earth than the Christian "fire and brimstone" vision). He began his life as any other demon, but since Hell is an undesirable place to live, he opted for escape. Through a harrowing battle that cost many of the lives of his opposition, Blood escaped from the fires of Hell into the plane where he now exists. There he was free to cause pain and hurt in others, something he found very pleasing. He has a need of blood, an addiction of sorts, though he does not need blood to live. Due to this dependency on blood, his powers are centered around it.

Because Blood is of the demonic race of Fire Demons, he has such powers as creating fire explosions, controlling flame, and immunity to it. Due to his blood-addiction, he may transmute these powers into the form of causing an opponent's blood to boil. Once he has taken another's blood into his system, he may influence that person's actions. He is capable of limited telepathy with other creatures whose blood he has not taken. He also wields a variety of other lesser abilities, such as teleportation.

His addiction to blood is his one weakness: he must have blood in his system to make use of his blood powers, and also suffers from common withdrawal symptoms without it.

Curiously, Blood has fallen in love with a mortal, Echo, who was first one of his victims. The lovers are happy together, but many others view their relationship with anger or disbelief. Recently Echo bore a son to Blood Demon. The child was honored by Azhrarn, Prince of Demons, with the name Vezhan.

To learn more about Blood Demon and his relationship with Echo, visit Echo's Home and read through the pages in her library.

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